Allan Nott Highlander Event Case Study

After setting goals, launching campaigns, crunching the numbers, then doing it all again, it can be rewarding to step back and evaluate all that was accomplished for a client. Now and then our agency likes to create case studies to do just that. Case studies are great tools to show how your agency went above and beyond for your clients, and they act as milestones of your business’ hard work. Below is a campaign we’re proud of for one of our beloved clients.


Challenge: More than double Allan Nott’s average sales of Toyota Highlanders from 7 to 20 during the month of July, while continuing to yield results that help the business accomplish their regular monthly sales goals.


Solution: We created and deployed an integrated marketing plan that included online display ads, social media, and custom graphics. Event name and logo concepts were developed for the client to choose from, which gave us creative direction for the rest of the campaign. The final creative product for the banner ads showed the vehicle and Allan Nott’s incentives for test driving or buying a Highlander tied together with a pulsating red, geometric background that matched the Toyota red branding together in an eye-catching way. Our graphics created a strong call to action to influence our target audience to learn more, test drive, and ultimately buy the vehicle.


We launched a digital display strategy to target users while they surfed the internet and mobile apps on smartphones, tablets, or desktop devices. Using our partnerships with national data providers, we targeted internet users who have shown to be in-market for SUVs, mothers, or users who have a household income of greater than or equal to $150,000. We also used location-based digital strategies to target users who have been to competing area dealerships within the past 60 days or who were located at competing lots in real-time. Retargeting through first-party data gathered on the Allan Nott website allowed us to remarket to users and maintain top-of-mind awareness throughout the month. We also deployed a social media strategy that included running a video ad with imagery similar to the digital display ads and a promoted event. The social media strategy targeted viewers in a 30-mile radius around the dealership with specific interests to the Toyota Highlander and users who were in-market to buy a new vehicle.


Obstacles: Our largest challenge in this campaign was our deadline. The client decided to pursue this sales goal with July already having started, but we worked together as a team internally and externally to execute the project in short order with top quality.


Results: Allan Nott exceeded their original goal of selling 20 Highlanders in July by two sales, while continuing their fifth consecutive month of selling over 300 vehicles. At the end of the digital display portion of the campaign, we served 1,351,546 ads to internet users in about a 60-mile radius of Allan Nott’s dealership. A total of 2,222 clicks were attributed to the campaign, resulting in a .16 percent click-through-rate, that boosted traffic to Allan Nott’s website significantly during the campaign flight. At the end of the social media campaign, we reached 28,048 users, served 132,000 total impressions, and garnered 189 clicks, which resulted in a .22 percent click-through-rate.