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Digital Capabilities

Our Philosophy

Quantifi Digital believes delivering our clients’ message to the right person, in the right place, at the right time, is our greatest asset. It starts with a team of strategists, analysts, and researchers working with more than 190 third-party data sources combined with a client’s first-party data. As we begin to develop diverse data points and psychographic profiles, our design team works to develop creative to engage potential consumers. Activation strategies are delivered over millions of premium websites via programmatic ad exchanges (more than Google’s reach alone). Real-time optimization, tech/data convergence, creative, and a dedicated analysis team ensure Quantifi Digital’s campaigns contribute to your overall marketing efforts to help increase your brand’s unique KPI’s.


Search is the tool that helps consumers close the gap between intent and purchase. Quantifi Digital utilizes dynamic, long-string search modeling to create dynamic ad copy to match search queries to information on your website. Dynamic ad copy helps deliver your ads to a wider range of your audience who doesn’t have to type ~exactly~ what your target keywords are; this helps you conquest new business who may not have found you without the Dynamic ad generation.

Online video & YouTube

Video content is still everywhere – and as the saying goes – it’s still king of content. According to Forrester Research, 1 video is worth 1.8 million written words! As the market landscape’s attention spans get shorter, capitalize on video popularity on the Internet through pre-roll videos & YouTube ads.


Display ads improve the core metrics important to any brand, such as awareness, consideration, interaction with your website, and conversion to purchases or leads. Display also increases search engine searches, giving you and your brand an even greater chance at capturing customers. The ability to quantify, attribute, and optimize makes display advertising an integral part of any digital marketing media mix.


Quantifi Digital partners with National and Global leaders in data to target your display ads to the right person. Behavioral leaders Oracle and Neilson, geodata leaders Factual and Foursquare, and search data like Crosspixel are just some of the partnerships we have in place to achieve targeted display impressions – every time.

Digital Radio

Get attention for your brand through :15 second audio spots accompanied with a companion banner that clicks directly to your website. Quantifi Digital has built direct partnerships with some of the leading online audio providers, including Spotify, Pandora, Sonos, iHeart, & Triton Media. Our world is increasingly connected and on-demand and radio is no exception! With increasingly smart cars that connect to mobile phones, personal radio is now the new normal whether they’re listening each morning to work or just started a 10-hour road trip.

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