Risk in Design; a 2020 trend

The phrase “design trend” is tossed around a lot among creatives, and for good reason. We are always looking for the next big thing, trying to stay on our game to shape our messaging in a way that is effective for our clients and relevant to culture. Staying current with what’s trending in the design industry is one of the many ways we accomplish this goal.


Design in 2020 looks similar to how it did in 2019. The color schemes are still there, the 80’s and 90’s are back in a big way for designs, and we’re starting to see huge emergence in “cyberpunk” stylings, blues and purples with high contrast images make bold statements when competing against the pastel trend of the mid 2010’s. Bold typography is not going anywhere, and the trend of adding motion to the typography is still rising in popularity. The trend that sets 2020 apart from 2019 or years prior is the massive amount of risk taking we are seeing in the designs.


Risk is part of any design, as no designer worth their title likes to play it safe, but 2020 stands out by making that risk much more mainstream. Adding glitches that are akin to a warped VHS tape to a design or even layering it over typography to make the typography almost illegible but still effective. It is also not uncommon to see designs where the artist will stretch, squish, and manipulate various fonts to serve as part of their over-all-design, not just as part of their design copy.  It would appear that the design community is no longer content with playing by the rules of conventional advertising, and unique aesthetics are coming out strong.


What design trends have you been seeing? What risks do you wish more designers would take in their work? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!