Designing for Mobile

Whether for a website, social campaigns, email blasts, or digital ads, designing for mobile sizing can be hard. Keep in mind readability is the most substantial component in marketing, if the consumer can’t read your ad they will move on, taking with them any chance your campaign had to make a sale.


Website mobile design is one of the most overlooked flaws of a website. Not properly sizing down your information can make things jumbled and lose purpose. Hierarchy plays a key component in helping the viewer transcribe your message and understand quickly what you can do for them. Having a large script heading on a desktop screen may be a great asset in your design but can end up being a pitfall on mobile. The same can be said for well-laid-out graphics and photos. If not sized down in mobile properly you can end up with a jumbled mess of misplaced text and graphics/images. The same goes for all digital media.


Email blasts have a high chance of getting viewed on mobile, so when designing eblasts mobile delivery is something you need to keep in mind. Overexaggerated headings and button sizes help make sure the person can easily read your message and click the button. Also, consider your target audience; if you are targeting elderly men and women, you will want to make sure all-important text is readable especially on mobile.

Lastly, most digital ads begin with designing a larger size, then are built out to the other sizes. This is effective in getting your message across many channels, but you can’t forget that these sizes are not all equal. Mobile may need quite a few adjustments before it is ready to be placed, especially when building out a 320×50 ad. A few rules of thumb to follow: keep the logo and button roughly 1/3rd of the ad as it makes it easier for the viewer to see the call to action and brand recognition; finally, remove any unnecessary information if it is not 100% necessary for the promotion to make sense remove it, doing this opens up space for the most important messaging to be larger and easier for the viewer to read!