SEM + Web Retargeting, A Match Made in Ad Heaven

At Quantifi, we put a lot of emphasis on marketing funnels that work in harmony. We know ads do not and cannot exist in a vacuum, so it’s best practice to look at how your whole marketing funnel works together. Every ad is a touchpoint to the end-user even if it occupies a different line on your budget sheet.

One of these harmonies that we strive to add together at Quantifi is Search Engine Marketing and Website Retargeting. They just make sense together! Think about the consumer experience: I search Google for a specific keyword, find your business at the top, visit your website, then leave. Since this consumer a.) already knows what they are searching for and b.) has been exposed to your business, you will want to make sure you continue that conversation to get that consumer back to you.

Web retargeting is great, but it’s even better if you can narrow your retargeting pool even further through settings like frequency capping, look back windows, and page-specific retargeting. Let’s say you have a cart page, if someone added something to their cart, you’d really want to speak to that person directly. Then you can layer on lookback windows. For example 1 to 7 days after someone went to my cart URL I will retarget them; after that, they have likely made a decision, so I won’t keep wasting my ad dollars. Make lookback decisions based on your average sales cycle.

That’s it! This is a 1-2-punch that we’ve seen huge success in, especially in the B2B and manufacturing industries.

Looking for more harmony in your ad strategy? Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to make a custom plan just for you.