Less is More in Digital Ad Copy

One of the most important parts of your marketing plan is the creative. Often advertisers can be very excited about their marketing efforts and want to add as much information as possible to showcase everything they can offer. In most cases, like a face-to-face meeting or on your website this is great practice, but it can be counter-intuitive when it comes to ads. You have just a few seconds and a very small amount of space to capture an audience with your advertisements. If the message and design does not speak to them, then it is back to scrolling.

Here at QD, we spend a lot of time in the digital display realm of advertising. The ultimate goal of display banner ads in particular is to drive potential clients to your website to learn more and hopefully convert to a sale. Ideally, there is enough information on an ad to let them know what you do and communicate your particular offer concisely. Listing information like your website, address or phone number can often clutter your ad and distracts from your message. If an ad is too cluttered it can become white noise. This principle can go for design elements too, like flashes, boxes, too many or off-brand colors, etc. Your website is built to house all the important details about your business and ways to contact you, so think of your ad as the elevator pitch and your website as the big interview.

Once you have your text and message ready it is time for design! Let’s face it, some industries are not as visually appealing as others, so it can be more challenging to make an industry like plumbing as eye-catching as an airline company but there is a need for both. Our creative team works hard to create unique designs that highlight any industry or product. Even if someone does not click to your site directly from your ad, a clear design can help them remember your name when they’re ready to research further.

Trying to pack everything you want to say about your business in an ad is never easy, but our team of experts is here to guide you through the process!