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Find New Customers with Connected TV Advertising in Shreveport

Quantifi Digital can help your Shreveport company reach a growing customer base with a new kind of advertising. Consumers are watching more TV than ever - nearly eight hours a day. However, the number of pay-TV households is decreasing. By 2023, it will dip below 73 million. Instead, families and individuals across the country are using Over-the-Top (OTT) methods to access their favorite content. This includes websites, network apps, and streaming services. When the content is delivered through a television, it's called Connected TV (CTV). Below, you'll learn why Connected TV advertising in Shreveport should play a key role in your next marketing campaign.

What is Connected TV advertising?

There will be more than 200 million CTV users by 2021. There are a number of good reasons for the expansive growth of the space. CTV enables viewers to access their favorite content whenever and wherever they want. This allows viewers in Shreveport to enjoy the Sci-Port Discovery Center, the Red River District, and other local attractions without having to sacrifice watching their favorite shows. CTV also saves consumers from long-term and expensive cable contracts.

There's also a good reason why CTV advertising spending is forecasted to eclipse $14 billion by 2023. With it, you can reach consumer groups across multiple devices and streaming services. Addressable TV advertising makes it easy for you to reach your target customer base no matter how they choose to access the entertainment they love.

Viewers are shown fewer overall CTV ads. However, those ads are non-skippable and have an in-view rate of 100 percent. You'll also have the ability to more specifically target customers who you find valuable. When you're ready to get started with this new kind of local TV advertising in Shreveport, fill out the form below.

How does Over-the-Top advertising work?

OTT advertising in Shreveport enables you to reach a broad group of consumers. For example, 22 percent of CTV users are 55+ and 24 percent of users are between 25 and 34. These individuals use a variety of devices to access their favorite content. Here are a few examples of where your a viewer could find your next ad:

  • Streaming players like:
    • Apple TV
    • Amazon Fire TV
  • Smart TVs from Sony, Samsung, LG, and others
  • Gaming consoles such as:
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Playstation 4
  • Smartphones and tablets

A single CTV device gives users access to a number of popular streaming services. Quantifi Digital has strong relationships with the top providers in the industry. We can get your next spot in front of millions of subscribers to streaming services like:

  • DirecTV Now: More than one million subscribers use this service to access a variety of live TV channels. With options like ABC, CNN, and Fox, DirecTV Now offers something for everyone.
  • Hulu: This leading streaming service has over 28 million subscribers. Hulu offers both live and on-demand content. It's also the only platform to provide users with access to current season, ad-supported shows from the top networks in the United States.
  • Sony Crackle: This free service provides users with popular TV shows, movies, and original content. Sony Crackle has 10 million monthly active users and is available across all major streaming devices.

Your company can be featured on all of these platforms and more after you get started with OTT advertising in Shreveport. Quantifi Digital can also access streaming local cable inventory. This enables you to reach viewers while they watch the next Saints game or while they find the local news on KTBS. It's another consumer group you could be reaching with Over-the-Top advertising.

What are some of the benefits of using CTV advertising in Shreveport?

CTV can provide your company with a number of benefits that aren't available through traditional TV spots. These benefits can help your business get more out of each ad dollar that it spends. Here are some of the top reasons to make OTT advertising a key part of your marketing strategy:

  • Audiences: CTV ads can be targeted to customized demographics based on age, gender, income level, and other factors you find important. This enables your business to target its ads exclusively to users who are likely to engage with your product or service.
  • Reporting: Traditional TV only tells you what time your ads ran. With CTV, you'll get comprehensive reporting data that covers daypart, completion rate, unique reach, device delivery, and more. Additionally, Quantifi Digital will give you access to a 24/7 reporting dashboard where you can easily find all of this information.
  • Retargeting: OTT ads can be retargeted to consumers who have already seen them. You can also use web-based display ads to keep your business at the top of a customer's mind. Traditional TV offers no direct way to do this.
  • Geography targeting: Your company's CTV ads can be targeted down to the zip code level. Traditional TV spots must adhere to strict cable zone requirements and DMAs.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Shreveport?

The price of this form of local TV advertising in Shreveport can vary based on the scope of your company's marketing campaign. If you'd like to get more specific pricing information on the options that interest you, fill out the form below. Quantifi Digital is an expert in the industry who can help your business seamlessly make the switch to CTV advertising in Shreveport. We look forward to working with you and hope to hear from you soon.