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Find Your Audience with CTV Advertising in San Diego

Quantifi Digital is a powerful OTT ad agency that can help you market your product or service to the residents of San Diego. If you aren't familiar with the term, "OTT" stands for Over-The-Top and refers to streaming content providers such as Hulu, certain mobile apps, and other methods consumers use to watch TV programming on-demand. These services are poised for a viewership explosion in the coming years, including a 20 percent spike in 2020 alone. Please continue reading to learn more about how local TV advertising in San Diego could be the right choice for your company.

What is CTV?

Connected TV is any method of watching television that doesn't involve a cable box, satellite dish, or comparable equipment. As viewers increasingly turn to OTT methods of watching TV, CTV advertising in San Diego becomes more valuable.

Thankfully, CTV is a great medium for marketers to work with. CTV ad breaks tend to be pretty short, so viewers can't leave their screen unless they're willing to miss some of whatever they're watching. Furthermore, VOD ads are typically unskippable, producing high completion rates and in-view rates of 100 percent in most cases. That is a powerful combination that you can't get anymore with cable.

Best of all, digital ads can be served to a specific demographic to help you improve the efficiency of your ad spend. Viewers of all ages are enjoying CTV, from the 18-24 crowd (17 percent of all CTV viewers) to those 55 and up (22 percent). No matter who your target audience is, OTT advertising can be a great way to find them. Please fill out this form or keep reading to learn more about the services we can provide.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in San Diego?

Connected TV advertising in San Diego doesn't need to break the bank either. Quantifi Digital offers a variety of packages with different price points, enabling us to help companies of all sizes work toward their marketing goals. We don't use monthly minimums on Hulu, so you won't be locked out of premium inventory because of the size of your advertising budget. We also focus exclusively on the buy-side of the OTT industry, so you never have to worry about our placing an ad for anybody's benefit besides your own. Sadly, some of our competitors are not as trustworthy.

Whether your target audience is watching the San Diego Padres on the WatchESPN app, bingeing sitcoms on one of the city's famous beaches, or streaming nature shows to psych the kids up for a trip to the San Diego Zoo, we can help you find them where they are.

How does OTT advertising in San Diego work?

You only need a stable internet connection and a compatible machine in order to start streaming, so the barrier to entry is quite low. Here are some of the devices that are used to stream video content every day:

  • Gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4
  • Streaming players including Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV
  • Smartphones, tablets, and similar devices
  • Smart TVs by brands like LG, Vizio, and Hisense

For the most part, any of these devices can access content from dozens of different OTT providers. Quantifi Digital negotiates direct deals with some of the largest players in the industry, allowing us to offer ad inventory that you won't find anyplace else. Here are a few of the services we're proud to partner with:

  • Sling TV: Sling TV is an alternative to cable that allows you to pick your own channel lineup. Available networks include TNT, TBS, NFL Network, and CNN. Commercials on Sling TV can reach an audience of over 12 million viewers.
  • Hulu: Hulu is the leading name in OTT content with an estimated subscriber base of 28 million. It offers both original programs and TV shows from some of television's most popular networks, including exclusive access to current-season episodes.
  • Tubi TV: Tubi offers free movies and television shows on-demand and in HD quality. New material is added every week, so there's always something to watch. Ads on Tubi can reach 5.5 million monthly users.

As if that wasn't enough, we can also get you local streaming cable inventory on popular networks like AMC, Lifetime, Animal Planet, and more. Contact us today using the form below to find out more about the specific services we can offer in your community.

What makes local TV advertising in San Diego more effective than buying traditional TV spots?

While TV ads have to target a specific DMA, addressable TV advertising can be scaled up or down according to your needs. If you're a smaller operation, we can narrow the scope of your campaign to a single ZIP code. If you want to think big, we can target the entire state of California on your behalf. Once a prospective customer has seen your ad, we can also retarget them by providing reminders via the web.

Our live reporting dashboard also provides 24/7 access to comprehensive data about your Connected TV advertising in San Diego, including network delivery information, dayparts, and completion rates. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about your marketing budget moving forward. In contrast, TV networks tell you when your ad aired and literally nothing else.

By now, you're probably excited to see what the experts at Quantifi Digital could do for your business. Whether you are ready to get started or have further questions about OTT advertising in San Diego, please fill in the form below for more info. We look forward to working with you!