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Forge a Lasting Connection with Your Target Audience Through CTV Advertising in Traverse City

Quantifi Digital can help your Topeka company reach a growing base of customers. Consumers are watching more TV than ever - nearly 8 hours a day. However, the number of pay-TV households is dropping. By 2023, the total will drop below 73 million nationwide. That's why a growing number of advertisers are tapping into the Over-the-Top (OTT) entertainment market. OTT is another way for viewers to access their favorite shows, sports, and entertainment. It includes streaming services, network apps, and websites. When the content is streamed through a television, it's called Connected TV (CTV). Keep reading to learn how CTV advertising in Topeka can help your business.

What is Connected TV advertising?

By 2021, there will be over 200 million CTV users. Why the expansive growth? CTV saves consumers money and gives them the ability to watch their favorite content at any time, from any place. For example, residents of the Topeka area could spend a day at the Kansas Museum of History or Lake Shawnee and still access the content they want when they get home.

As CTV grows, companies will continue devoting more of their advertising budget to it. It's forecasted that almost 5 percent of an advertiser's paid media budget will be spent on CTV advertising by 2023. Viewers are shown fewer ads through CTV. However, those ads can't be skipped, have an in-view rate of 100 percent, and a completion rate of over 90 percent. To learn more, continue reading or fill out the form below. Quantifi Digital can walk you through the process of switching to Connected TV advertising in Topeka whenever your business is ready.

How does Over-the-Top advertising work?

Today, more than 55 percent of U.S. households have at least one Connected TV device. This number will increase to more than 63 percent by 2023. With OTT advertising in Topeka, you can reach consumers no matter which device they use to access their favorite content. Here are a few examples of where a viewer could find your ad:

  • Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, and others
  • Streaming players like:
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Google Chromecast
  • Gaming consoles such as:
    • Xbox One
    • Playstation 4
  • Tablets and smartphones

With just one of these devices, a viewer can access a variety of streaming services. OTT advertising in Topeka enables you to reach across multiple services to connect with the customers who are most likely to engage with your product or service. Your spot could be featured on:

  • DirecTV Now: This streaming service has 1.5 million subscribers who use it to access more than 65 live TV channels. DirecTV Now allows its users to enjoy live TV without any contracts or burdensome equipment.
  • Hulu: Boasting more than 28 million subscribers, Hulu is an industry leader. The service is the only one to provide access to current season, ad-supported shows from the largest networks in the U.S.
  • Tubi TV: This free app offers popular movies and TV series to 20 million monthly active users. Tubi TV adds new content weekly and comes pre-downloaded on devices like Apple TV and Roku TV.

Quantifi Digital can also help your ads reach "cord stackers". This group of consumers aged 46+ has stacked CTV on top of their traditional cable subscription. We can get your ads on streaming local cable so that these viewers can engage with your product or service while watching the local news on KSNT or the next Washburn University game. It's another reason why this form of local TV advertising in Topeka should play a role in your marketing strategy.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Topeka?

The price of addressable TV advertising can change based on a variety of factors. This includes the scope of your campaign and your company's goals. To get more specific information, just fill out the form below. We'd be happy to walk you through your options and to tell you more about how streaming advertising can support your company's growth.

What are some of the benefits of using CTV advertising in Topeka?

CTV ads can provide your company with a number of benefits that aren't available through traditional TV spots. For example, OTT ads allow you to geographically target consumers down to the zip code level. Traditional TV spots are limited by restrictive DMAs and cable zone requirements.

You'll also be able to target more specific customer groups through CTV advertising. Your business will receive data from top providers. You can use this to make more informed decisions about your CTV marketing strategy. For example, you could target customized demographics based on age, gender, income level, or other factors you find important.

Quantifi Digital will give you access to a 24/7 live reporting dashboard. Here, you'll find the most important data and analytical information regarding your campaign. This includes detailed information on device delivery, network delivery, completion rate, daypart, and more.

Additionally, CTV provides direct paths for retargeting consumers who have already seen your spot. This isn't available from traditional TV. With our help, you can use web-based display ads and additional CTV spots to keep your brand at the top of a customer's mind. These are all features that can help you get more out of your advertising budget.

To get started with this form of local TV advertising in Topeka, fill out the form below. Quantifi Digital is an expert in this industry who can walk you through the process of making the swap to CTV advertising. By 2021, over 81 million U.S. consumers will have cut the cord or never signed up for a traditional cable subscription in the first place. We'd love to help you reach this customer group and hope to hear from you soon.