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Make an Impression on Your Audience with Connected TV Advertising in Phoenix

Quantifi Digital is the only name you need to know to reach a streaming audience in Phoenix. The number of Pay TV households in the U.S is expected to decline by three percent within the next year, with Over-The-Top (or OTT) services picking up the slack. If you're familiar with the phrase "cord-cutting," you are already familiar with this trend. What you may not know is that this trend creates valuable opportunities for marketers to more accurately reach their audience. Please continue reading to learn more about Connected TV!

What exactly is Connected TV?

Connected TV (sometimes abbreviated to CTV) is simply the name given to the act of accessing OTT content on a television set. Viewers tend to like CTV because the ad breaks are shorter and they get more control over what they watch. It may seem counterintuitive, but advertisers should like CTV for the same reasons.

Since the ad breaks are shorter, viewers are disincentivized from leaving their seats during commercials. Unlike many modern cable offerings, video-on-demand ads are also unskippable, meaning that consumers are more or less forced to listen to what you have to say as a marketer. This can make it easier to generate leads. If you would like to learn more about local TV advertising in Phoenix, please fill out the form below or keep reading for additional details.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Phoenix?

CTV advertising in Phoenix can actually be more affordable than you might expect. Quantifi Digital offers a variety of different packages at several price points, allowing you to invest in addressable TV advertising even if you don't have the biggest marketing budget in the world. All of our services are designed to deliver as much value for your marketing dollar as possible. For example, we offer ad inventory on Hulu without the monthly minimums you're required to hit with other companies, making it easier to access premium inventory. Likewise, we don't own any CTV networks, ensuring that every ad we place is for your benefit instead of our own.

Phoenix residents (almost 1.9 million of them) have plenty of things to see and do that lend themselves well to OTT advertising. Whether your ideal customer is watching Arizona Diamondbacks highlights on Hulu, getting a quick news update on Xumo before a performance at the Phoenix Symphony Hall, streaming kid-friendly content on the way to the Children's Museum of Phoenix, or avoiding the sun at home, CTV advertising in Phoenix is a great way to connect with them.

How does OTT advertising in Phoenix work?

There are countless ways to stream OTT content, but they all have two prerequisites in common: a stable internet connection and a compatible gadget. Here are some of the devices we place ads on every day:

  • Gaming systems such as Sony PS4 and Nintendo Switch
  • Streaming players like Google Chromecast and Roku TV
  • Smart TVs by popular brands like Sony, Hisense, and Samsung
  • Additional devices like tablets and smartphones

Likewise, we offer ad inventory on a variety of leading OTT services. While some agencies rely on an open marketplace to distribute ads, we have direct deals with our partners that allow us to offer exclusive marketing opportunities. Here are a few of the companies we're ecstatic to work with:

  • Sling TV: Sling TV is a subscription-based alternative to cable that allows customers to design their own channel lineup, paying only for what they intend to watch. Commercials on Sling TV can reach a subscriber base of over 12 million people.
  • Hulu: Hulu offers both live and on-demand entertainment options, including original series and exclusive access to current-season TV shows in the OTT industry. Commercials on Hulu can reach up to 28 million viewers.
  • Xumo: Xumo provides free and on-demand access to over 100 channels, covering news, comedy, and sports. Sample channels include Newsy and TODAY. Adverts on Xumo can reach an estimated 5.5 million active users each month.

We can also get you streaming local cable inventory on popular networks such as CBS, AMC, FOX News Channel, and more. The best way to figure out the specific services we offer in your area is to fill out the form below.

Why should local TV advertising in Phoenix be part of my marketing strategy?

While traditional TV spots offer little control over who sees them, we can serve ads to any demographic you want to reach. For example, we can serve a makeup commercial to young women and ads for sporting goods to men. CTV advertising can also reach all age groups, as even older individuals (ages 55 and up) represent 22 percent of total CTV viewership.

Digital ads also offer geographic flexibility, allowing you to target a specific ZIP code or the entire state of Arizona. In contrast, TV spots are sold to DMAs with no opportunity to scale in either direction.

Similarly, we can provide a host of analytics including network delivery statistics and completion rates to help you make better decisions about your OTT advertising in Phoenix. Our ad operations professionals can even help you optimize your campaign in real-time. We can also retarget consumers who watched one of your ads to help them remember you when they need something you can offer.

Now that you understand exactly what Connected TV advertising in Phoenix, we bet you're eager to get started. Simply fill out the form below to learn more about how Quantifi Digital could be able to help you!