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Reach out to Your Customers Through Connected TV Advertising in Charleston, WV

Quantifi Digital can help you stay on top of the changes in TV advertising by giving you access to Connected TV advertising in Charleston, West Virginia. The number of Americans choosing to consume television through Over-the-Top (OTT) methods is steadily increasing thanks to the popularity of streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. What's more, when OTT content is viewed over the television, it's known as Connected TV, or CTV for short, and is used by an estimated 200 million Americans. On top of that, roughly 45 million people have ended their traditional subscription in favor for CTV media.

What is Connected TV advertising?

More Americans are making the switch to Connected TV, which is changing the way companies are targeting customers. Roughly 60 percent of the households in the United States use a CTV device, which is why you should seriously consider devoting part of your marketing budget to streaming TV ads.

With CTV advertising in Charleston, you can deliver non-skippable commercials to your viewer base. What makes CTV ads one of the best ways to advertise online is having the ability to fine-tune your marketing campaign. Instead of broadcasting your advertisement during a specific time slot, you can send digital TV ads directly to your target customers, which they can view the next time they start streaming content.

If you want to get the most out of your Over-the-Top advertising budget, we can give you an OTT package that gives you access to popular streaming services, network apps, and even local TV advertising in Charleston that you can access via streaming local cable. Learn more about how to advertise through CTV by filling out the form below and speaking with one of the friendly experts at Quantifi Digital.

How does OTT advertising work?

As more people turn to OTT streaming services to consume media, it becomes harder to effectively connect with customers via traditional TV advertising. With OTT advertising in Charleston, you can stay up to date with OTT trends by bringing your advertisements directly to people using devices such as:

  • Streaming players like
    • Roku
    • Apple TV
  • Smartphones and tablets
  • Gaming consoles like:
    • Wii U
    • Playstation 4
  • Smart TVs by Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, and others

If you want to advertise on Roku TV and similar devices, Quantifi Digital can connect you to top OTT inventory streamed on services like:

  • Hulu: With more than 28 million subscribers, Hulu is the most popular premium subscription-based streaming platform in the United States. Offering viewers a mixture of live and on-demand channels, as well as award-winning movies and television shows.
  • Sony Crackle: Being able to advertise on Crackle gives you the chance to reach approximately 10 million subscribers tuning in to stream top TV shows, movies, and original series.
  • DirecTV Now: Roughly 1.5 viewers can access your streaming commercials on DirecTV Now. This popular subscription-based platform gives users access to more than 65 live channels covering topics like news, arts and entertainment, sports, and more.

We can even provide you with streaming local cable network inventory in select areas, which can help you reach cord stackers who're consuming OTT and traditional TV content. Learn more about how Quantifi Digital can help you with local TV advertising in Charleston, West Virginia, by completing the form below and discovering the variety of services we offer in your area.

What are the benefits of using Connected TV advertising in Charleston, WV?

Connected TV advertising makes it easier to ensure the right viewers are receiving your commercials. Using analytics and data, you can fine-tune your marketing campaign to deliver your ads to viewers who're more likely to be interested in your product or service.

  • Geographic targeting: Make sure your OTT ads reach the right people with geographic targeting that lets you target an entire state, metropolitan area, or zip code.
  • Audience targeting: Gain access to in-depth insights that can help you get an idea of which segments of the market are interested in your products or services, then create a marketing campaign specifically for them.
  • Retargeting: Most people don't complete the sales journey after one commercial. They need to be reminded of your products or services, and retargeting can help. Follow-up advertisements can be delivered over the web and through other applications to keep your product and services fresh in the minds of your target users.
  • Reporting: Unlike traditional TV advertising, Over-the-Top advertising gives you access to important metrics like completion rate, device delivery, daypart, and more. You can use this information to further enhance your marketing strategy so you know the best way to engage your target markets.

Charleston, West Virginia features the West Virginia State Museum, the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, and the Haddad Riverfront Park. Residents and visitors have access to a number of great outdoor activities around the city, so there's always something to do in your free time. The excellent targeting opportunities via OTT advertising in Charleston, WV, make it easier for you to engage your audience, directly through their CTV or other streaming devices, the moment they start streaming media.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Charleston?

The cost of your OTT package depends on your company's unique needs, but Quantifi Digital is committed to helping you get the most out of your marketing budget. Whether your viewers are streaming West Virginia Mountaineers football games over DirecTV Now or watching the local news via Hulu, we can help you connect with them via CTV advertising in Charleston. Complete the form below to see how Quantifi Digital can help you create a laser-targeted marketing campaign that can help you boost conversion rates.