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Reach Your Preferred Audience Through Connected TV Advertising in Paducah

Quantifi Digital is the only name you need to know if you're interested in making the most of your marketing dollar in Paducah. OTT (or Over-The-Top) options like streaming services and mobile apps are rapidly rendering traditional cable packages obsolete. More than 58 percent of Americans are already enjoying OTT content, a number that is expected to increase to over 60 percent by 2022. Please keep reading to learn more about how you can use this trend to more accurately reach your target audience.

What is CTV?

Connected TV, often abbreviated to CTV, is a catch-all term used to describe all forms of streaming video content that does not involve a set-top box. Some common examples include Hulu and CBS All-Access. CTV offers viewers more options at a better price point, driving the recent "cord-cutting" trend as viewers can cancel traditional TV packages without missing their favorite programs. The number of American cord-cutters is expected to exceed 40 million by 2021, a substantial audience that you can connect with through CTV advertising in Paducah.

While traditional cable ads require advertisers to pick a show and then hope their target demographic watches it, we can serve your ad directly to the audience you want to target. If your product is aimed at consumers between the ages of 45 and 54, we can serve your ad to the 17 percent of CTV viewers who fit that age bracket. Likewise, we can use a viewer's search history to serve them an appropriate ad. If a viewer has recently been looking into automobiles, we can serve an ad for your car dealership.

Similarly, streaming advertising commercial breaks are shorter than traditional commercial breaks. Viewers cannot leave their seats without missing some of their show, encouraging them to watch every ad. This gives our campaigns in-view rates of 100 percent - a stat that cable cannot replicate. Please fill out this form to learn more about the benefits of trusting us with your local TV advertising in Paducah.

How does OTT advertising work?

Viewers only need two things to start streaming: a stable internet connection and at least one device capable of accessing OTT content. Here are a few of the devices that your audience could be streaming on right now:

  • Gaming consoles like:
    • Nintendo Wii U
    • Microsoft Xbox One
  • Smart TVs by:
    • Panasonic
    • Hisense
    • and more
  • Streaming players including:
    • Google Chromecast
    • Apple TV
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets

Most of these devices can access content from more than one OTT provider, and Quantifi Digital can help you advertise on all of them. We have exclusive deals with several major players in the industry that allow us to access ad inventory unavailable to the general public. Here are a few of the partners we're proud to work with:

  • Tubi TV: Tubi is a free service that streams popular movies and TV shows on a variety of devices. Available genres include martial arts, action, anime, comedy, and more. Ads on Tubi can reach a monthly user base of up to 20 million people.
  • Hulu: Hulu is a subscription service that offers access to a blend of live and on-demand programming. It includes original series and current-season episodes currently airing on cable. While other agencies have high monthly minimums to advertise on Hulu, we believe that it should be accessible to everyone.
  • Xumo: Xumo is a free service that offers over 100 live TV channels, including Newsy, History, and USA Today News. Commercials on Xumo can reach up to 5.5 million active monthly users.

We can also get you streaming local cable inventory on popular networks like ESPN, CBS, MTV, and more, so don't assume that OTT advertising in Paducah is limited to services like those above. Fill out our form below to learn more about how we might be able to help you.

Why is CTV advertising in Paducah a prudent investment?

The following list highlights some of the best reasons to invest in Connected TV advertising in Paducah:

  • Geographic Targeting: OTT ads can target any geographic area you wish, from a specific ZIP code to the entire state of Kentucky. In contrast, traditional TV spots are served to DMAs that may be too large or too small for your needs.
  • Lookalike Modeling: If you want to find new leads, we can use complex modeling algorithms to identify high-value households to focus your efforts on.
  • Retargeting Capabilities: Once a viewer has seen one of your ads to completion, we can serve online follow-ups to increase the chances of making a sale.
  • Transparent Reporting: Our live reporting dashboard gives you 24/7 access to information such as completion rates and network delivery data to help you optimize your campaign. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Paducah?

If you think that local TV advertising in Paducah is outside of your price range, think again. We offer a plethora of packages that allow all businesses to take advantage of this exciting opportunity. For example, we can get you ad inventory on in-demand platforms such as Amazon Fire TV. While some of our competitors own CTV networks and sell ads to themselves at reduced rates, we promise to avoid such conflicts of interest.

The Paducah area is growing steadily and offers about 325,000 households for marketers to work with. Whether your target audience is watching History in their living room, streaming highlights from the Paducah International Raceway on ESPN, or enjoying MTV's selection of music videos at the Paducah Wall-to-Wall Mural, OTT advertising in Paducah is a great way to find them. Contact Quantifi Digital through the form below to learn more about addressable TV advertising today!