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Reach Your Target Audience More Effectively with OTT Advertising in Minot

Quantifi Digital is the only name you need to know if you want to reach an engaged audience in Minot, North Dakota. If you're familiar with the phrase "cord-cutting," you won't be surprised to learn that 3 percent of current cable customers will cancel their subscriptions this year. Cable ads aren't as effective as they used to be as a result, but luckily Connected TV advertising in Minot can help you fill in the gap. Please continue reading to learn more about this exciting space.

What is OTT content?

OTT (or Over-The-Top) content may be defined as any form of video that does not involve a cable box, satellite dish, or similar equipment. Examples include internet-based streaming services like Hulu and website-based content delivery. If these services are accessed on a television screen, it is called Connected TV, or CTV for short. CTV offers a variety of advantages over traditional cable, including affordability and flexibility. Roughly 57 percent of all Americans already access CTV regularly, a number that's expected to exceed 60 percent by 2022.

Quantifi Digital are the experts when it comes to using local TV advertising in Minot to get your name out there. For example, we can target any specific demographic you're interested in reaching. If your product or service is aimed at individuals between the ages of 25 and 34, we can serve your ad to the 24 percent of CTV viewers who fit that range. Likewise, we can leverage a viewer's recent search history to give them an ad that corresponds to their interests. In contrast, traditional TV spots are seen by whoever watched a particular program, with no reliable way to track who that might have been. Please fill in this form to learn more about the potential benefits of OTT advertising in Minot

Why should I invest in CTV advertising in Minot?

If targeting your preferred audience isn't enough reason for you to try CTV advertising in Minot, here are some other advantages we can provide:

  • Unskippable Ads: While cable subscribers fast-forward every commercial they can, video-on-demand ads are harder to skip. This produces completion rates of 90 percent and up on the vast majority of our campaigns.
  • Transparent Reporting: Our live reporting dashboard provides 24/7 access to important analytics regarding your advertising campaign, including device delivery information, overall reach, and dayparts. Unfortunately, figuring out if a traditional commercial is resonating with consumers is more of a guessing game.
  • Geographic Targeting: We can serve your ad to a particular ZIP code or the entire state of North Dakota depending on your needs. Sadly, traditional TV spots offer zero geographic flexibility.
  • Lookalike Modeling: If you aren't sure who to target with streaming advertising, we can use your existing customer base to identify comparable households that could be interested in what you have to sell.

How does OTT advertising work?

OTT technology is technical, but viewers only need a good internet connection and a compatible device to get started. Here are a few of the devices that your target audience could be streaming on right now:

  • Smart TVs from popular brands like Samsung, Sony, and Philips
  • Streaming players such as Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV
  • Gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, Wii U, and Microsoft Xbox One
  • Cell phones, tablets, and other devices

Most of these devices can access OTT content from more than one source, and Quantifi Digital can help you advertise on all of them. We negotiate exclusive deals with a multitude of partners in the industry, allowing us to offer better rates than you could find on the open exchange. Here are a few of the companies we're proud to do business with:

  • Pluto TV: Pluto is an app that streams over 100 channels of live, free entertainment. Viewers can enjoy popular channels such as CNBC, CBS News, and FOX Sports. Ads on Pluto can reach up to 18,000,000 active monthly users.
  • Xumo: Xumo is a free service that offers over 100 channels of comedy, sports, and news (among other genres). Available channels include Newsy, History, and USA Today News. OTT ads on Xumo can reach up to 5,500,000 monthly users.
  • Hulu: Hulu is a subscription-based service providing access to a variety of live and on-demand programming. Importantly, Hulu is the only streaming platform to offer current-season episodes currently airing on cable television. Commercials on Hulu can reach an audience of up to 28,000,000.

We can also get you streaming local cable inventory on popular networks such as ESPN, Lifetime, and TBS, so don't feel that we'll limit you to services like those above. Please fill out the form below to learn more about the specific services we can offer in your area.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Minot?

If you're thinking that OTT advertising in Minot is only for massive corporations with huge marketing budgets, think again. Quantifi Digital prides itself on the ability to work with companies of all sizes with a variety of packages. For instance, we don't have monthly minimums on Hulu to make it easier for smaller businesses to access premium ad inventory. We also work exclusively on the buy-side of the industry, meaning we don't have the same conflicts of interest that our competitors who own CTV networks do.

Minot is a growing city with an estimated 140,000 households, and we can help you advertise to all of them. Whether your ideal customer is watching movies in the comfort of home, viewing nature documentaries for a trip to the Roosevelt Park Zoo, or bingeing sitcoms between holes at Apple Grove Golf Course, Connected TV advertising in Minot is a great way to reach them where they are. Fill out the form below to learn more about the value Quantifi Digital can add to the equation!