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Reach Your Target Demo Through Connected TV Advertising in Wichita Falls

Quantifi Digital is the only name you need to know if you're interested in OTT advertising in Wichita Falls. OTT, or Over-The-Top, is a catch-all term describing all forms of streaming video content without a set-top box. OTT options like Hulu and MLB.tv are more affordable and flexible than traditional cable subscriptions, contributing to the 3 percent decline in pay-TV subscriptions that experts project for 2020. Please keep reading to learn more about how we can help you make the most of OTT advertising in Wichita Falls.

What is Connected TV?

There is a myriad of ways to consume OTT content, but many viewers choose to watch it on a television screen and mimic the cable experience as closely as possible. This is called Connected TV, or CTV for short. With CTV viewership expected to exceed 200,000,000 people by 2021, CTV advertising in Wichita Falls clearly has a place in nearly every company's marketing plans.

OTT advertising in Wichita Falls can also be more effective than traditional TV ad buys. While cable customers can DVR their favorite programs and skip all of the commercials, OTT ads tend to be unskippable. This gives our campaigns completion rates of 95 percent and up. We can also serve your ad directly to your preferred demographic to improve the efficiency of your ad spend.

For instance, let's say that you sell a service aimed at older Americans. Roughly 22 percent of CTV viewers are over the age of 55, and we can serve your ad exclusively to this demographic if you like. We can also use information like gender, household income, and marital status to help you find your target audience. Please fill out this form to learn more about the benefits of local TV advertising in Wichita Falls.

How does OTT advertising work?

Viewers only need two things to start streaming their favorite programs: a reliable internet connection and a compatible device. More than half of all American households now have at least one CTV-compatible device, so it's no longer a significant barrier to entry. Here are a few of the devices your audience could be streaming on right now:

  • Streaming players such as:
    • Google Chromecast
    • Apple TV
  • Gaming systems like:
    • Microsoft Xbox One
    • Nintendo Wii U
  • Smart TVs from popular brands including:
    • LG
    • Samsung
  • Additional devices such as:
    • Cellular phones
    • Tablets

Most of these devices can access OTT content from more than one source, and we can help you advertise on all of them. While our competitors largely rely on the open exchange for their ad inventory, we have exclusive deals with most of the leading names in the industry that allow us to offer opportunities you can't find elsewhere. Here are a few of the services we're proud to partner with:

  • Xumo: Xumo is a free, ad-supported service that offers over 100 channels of live streaming entertainment. Available channels include recognizable names such as TODAY, NBC News, and Newsy. Ads on Xumo can reach up to 5.5 million active monthly users.
  • DirecTV Now: DirecTV Now is a "skinny bundle" subscription service that offers access to over 65 live TV stations, including CNN, FOX, and HGTV. No annual contract is required. Commercials on DirecTV Now can reach up to 1.5 million subscribers.
  • Hulu: Hulu is a subscription-based service that offers a blend of original programming and popular TV shows, including the same current-season episodes currently airing on cable. Commercials on Hulu can reach a subscriber base of 28 million.

We can also get you streaming local cable ad inventory on Discovery, History, Animal Planet, and more, so don't feel that we'll limit your campaign to services like those above. Fill in the form below to learn more about the specific services we offer in your area.

Why would local TV advertising in Wichita Falls be a good investment for me?

Connected TV advertising in Wichita Falls offers many advantages besides those cited above. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Shorter Ad Breaks: Traditional TV commercials are long enough to get up without missing your show, but CTV ad breaks aren't. This helps ensure that viewers actually watch your VOD ads.
  • Geographic Targeting: We can serve your ad to a particular ZIP code or the entire state of Texas to meet your needs. Sadly, traditional commercials must target a DMA that could be too large or too small for you.
  • Transparent Reporting: Our live reporting dashboard provides 24/7 access to important analytics about your campaign, including device delivery information and frequency, that you can use to make your ads more effective.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Wichita Falls?

Some business owners assume that they can't afford CTV advertising in Wichita Falls, but we strive to make it as accessible as possible. We don't enforce any monthly minimums on platforms such as Hulu, making it easier to access premium ad inventory. We also concentrate exclusively on the buy-side of our industry, ensuring that we never have a conflict of interest regarding where to place an ad.

The Wichita Falls has about 130,000 households, and we can help you market to any of them. Whether your target audience is watching sports highlights on DirecTV Now at home, enjoying a quick news update from NBC News at Lucy Park, or bingeing dramas on Hulu at the "Worlds Littlest Skyscraper," local TV advertising in Wichita Falls is a great way to find them. Fill out the form below to learn more about Quantifi Digital today!