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Resonate with Your Target Audience with Connected TV Advertising in Ft. Myers

Quantifi Digital can help you connect with your target audience in Fort Myers, Florida, today. Once upon a time, anybody interested in watching video content had to purchase an expensive cable package to do so. This is no longer the case, as the rise of Over-The-Top options such as websites and mobile apps give viewers unparalleled choice in what they watch and when they watch it. Let us help you make the most of this new landscape in your marketing strategy!

What is CTV?

Over-The-Top (or OTT) content is accessible on a ton of different devices, so it's safe to assume that your audience has access to at least one. Here are a few of the gadgets your ideal customer could be using for streaming right now:

  • Streaming players such as Google Chromecast and Roku TV
  • Gaming systems such as Nintendo Switch and Microsoft Xbox One
  • Smart TVs by brands such as Sony and Vizio
  • Smartphones, tablets, and virtually any internet-enabled device with a screen

If you stream content on a television screen (either a smart TV or with the assistance of another device like a gaming console), you are said to be using Connected TV, or CTV for short. The big advantage of CTV for advertisers is that ads can be targeted to a specific demographic.

For example, how many car ads have you seen when you weren't looking for a vehicle? Traditional TV commercials don't know exactly who will see them, forcing marketers to guess which shows the right people are watching and then pay for all of the viewers who inevitably won't be interested. In contrast, VOD ads can be served according to demographic information such as age, gender, and more. You might not get the raw number of views the cable ad gets, but you'll have a more engaged audience to work with. Please fill out this form or continue reading to learn more about all of the other advantages that local TV advertising in Ft. Myers can provide.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Fort Myers?

If you're thinking that Connected TV advertising in Ft. Myers is prohibitively expensive, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Quantifi Digital offers a variety of price points to make streaming advertising accessible to the vast majority of business owners. For example, we don't have any monthly minimums acting as an artificial barrier to entry. We also negotiate direct deals with our industry partners that allow us to offer exclusive inventory at favorable rates compared to our competitors.

Fort Myers offers plenty of opportunities to connect with your audience. Whether they are streaming the news at the Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, watching historical documentaries in preparation for a trip to the Edison Winter Estate, or simply binging on the beach, local TV advertising in Ft. Myers is a great way to reach them.

How does OTT advertising in Fort Myers work?

Most devices capable of streaming can access OTT content from a variety of services, and we can purchase ad inventory on nearly all of them. Here are three of our many partners in the industry:

  • DirecTV Now: DirecTV Now offers live access to over 65 channels, including popular networks like ABC, FOX, and HGTV. There are no annual contracts or extra equipment involved. Commercials on DirecTV Now can reach up to 1.5 million subscribers.
  • Pluto TV: Pluto streams over 100 live TV channels, including big names like CNBC, MSNBC, and Bloomberg. It's completely free for consumers, and ads on Pluto TV can reach up to 18 million monthly users.
  • Hulu: Hulu is the leading name in the OTT space. It offers subscribers access to both live and on-demand programming, including original series and current-season episodes unavailable elsewhere. Commercials on Hulu can reach up to 28 million subscribers.

Furthermore, Quantifi Digital offers OTT advertising access to popular channels like CNN, Discovery, and History, so we won't limit you to services like those above. We also offer streaming local cable inventory in select regions. Please contact us to learn more about local TV advertising in Ft. Myers in your specific area.

Why should CTV advertising in Fort Myers be an integral component of my broader marketing strategy?

It can be tough to track the performance of traditional TV spots because networks offer very little data besides when they aired. In contrast, we have a live reporting dashboard that provides real-time information on device delivery rates, frequency, and completion rates to help you identify both how well your campaign is going and what you could do to make it better. Should you have any questions, our ad operations professionals would be happy to help you with CTV advertising in Ft. Myers.

Digital ads are also unskippable, leading to completion rates of 90 percent and up even as cable customers increasingly fast-forward every commercial they can. Likewise, we can serve ads on any geographic scale that makes sense for you: from an individual ZIP code to the entire state of Florida. We even offer retargeting capabilities, meaning that we can serve online follow-ups to prospective customers who watch one of your ads to increase the chances they purchase something from you.

If you're ready to experience the difference that OTT advertising in Ft. Myers can make for yourself, please fill in the form below to get started. Quantifi Digital looks forward to serving you in any way we can.