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Target Your Customers Through Connected TV Advertising in Burlington

The nature of television is changing, and Quantifi Digital wants to help you adapt to that change through Connected TV advertising in Burlington. A growing number of Americans are cutting their cables and switching to streaming content, also known as Over-the-Top (OTT) media. This type of content isn't viewed through basic cable or satellite, but rather through streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, websites, and other platforms capable of playing streaming video. When delivered through a television, OTT media is referred to as Connected TV (CTV).

What is Connected TV advertising?

Connected TV has become a viable alternative to traditional TV. Viewers can now watch their favorite movies and videos whenever they want, giving them the freedom to watch television when it's convenient for them. As such, the old method of booking advertising slots over cable TV isn't nearly as effective as it was before the days of OTT content. You need a marketing strategy that can reach the customers that have made the jump to OTT media. That's where CTV advertising comes in.

With Connected TV advertising in Burlington, you can create Over-the-Top ads that tap into the "cable cutters" and "cable nevers" who've either canceled their traditional TV services or never subscribed to traditional TV in the first place. Whether you're looking to advertise on Hulu or you simply want to modify your existing marketing campaign to include streaming TV ads, we can help. Fill out the form below below to learn how Quantifi Digital can help you connect with viewers. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about the benefits of CTV advertising.

What are the benefits of using CTV advertising in Burlington?

What's great about CTV advertising is that you can fine-tune your marketing strategy in a way that you never could with traditional television. This is because CTV ads give you the freedom to target specific segments of the market, so only the people you want to see your commercials are targeted in your addressable TV advertising campaign. Let's take a closer look at how digital TV ads can help you connect with a bigger audience that's actually interested in your goods and services.

  • Reporting: You can stay on top of the hottest OTT trends thanks to comprehensive reporting, which lets you observe key performance indicators and metrics like completion rate, daypart, and device delivery. You can then decide which demographics are engaging with your advertisements the most, then target them via OTT advertising in Burlington.
  • Retargeting: Not everyone is going to become a customer after seeing your advertisement for the first time. Retargeting lets you send follow-up advertisements over the web to viewers who watched your ads to completion.
  • Audience targeting: Make sure the people who need to see your Connected TV ads are seeing them with audience targeting. Audience targeting lets you focus on specific buyer personas and segments of the market, which can help you create a personalized campaign that's aligned with the needs of your customers.
  • Geography targeting: Keep your streaming advertising campaign confined to a specific geographical location. You can target viewers at a state level, or you can connect with smaller audiences via local TV advertising in Burlington by targeting users based on their city or ZIP code.

Burlington is home to the Shelburne Museum, Ethan Allen's former home, and the ECHO Aquarium. The city has no shortage of historic venues, parks, and outdoor recreation centers. The targeting features offered through OTT advertising in Burlington make it easier for you to bring the advertisements directly to your viewers the moment they watch television on any of their OTT platforms.

How does OTT advertising work?

Traditional TV advertising isn't as effective as it once was. With more people making the jump to CTV media, companies need to include Over-the-Top advertising in their marketing plan if they want to reach their target viewers. An estimated 60 percent of Americans are now consuming their television through the following devices:

  • Streaming players like:
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Google Chromecast
  • Gaming consoles such as:
    • Xbox One
    • Nintendo Switch
  • Smart TVs made by companies like LG and Samsung
  • Smartphones and tablets

We can connect you with millions of users who use these devices to access top streaming services like:

  • Hulu: With more than 28 million subscribers, Hulu is America's leading OTT service for live video and on-demand movies, network series, and original content.
  • Xumo: Approximately 5.5 million users subscribe to Xumo for their news, sports, and entertainment.
  • Pluto TV: This service has roughly 18 million subscribers and offers more than 100 live TV channels, including favorites like Fox Sports, CBS News, and MSNBC.

Along with the streaming services like the ones mentioned above, you can deliver OTT TV streaming ads to popular network channels like the Viacom Networks, CNN, and ESPN. We can even help you connect with cable stackers who keep a subscription to traditional and OTT content, so you target both types of viewers. Learn more about OTT and CTV advertising by completing the form below and seeing what services we offer in your area.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Burlington?

There are several factors that influencing the price of an effective CTV marketing campaign. The experts at Quantifi Digital can help you develop the best OTT and CTV strategy, so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. We can help you develop a marketing strategy that engages the right audiences via local TV advertising in Burlington as well as viewers elsewhere across the country.

Whether your audience is streaming the Red Sox and Yankees games over the WatchESPN app or following their favorite series on TBS and TNT, you can connect with them through CTV advertising in Burlington. That way, your commercials can always reach your target viewers, regardless of where they are or how they're consuming OTT content. If you'd like to learn more about OTT marketing and why CTV ads are the best way to advertise online, fill out the form below so one of the experts at Quantifi Digital can help you enhance your marketing strategy.