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Target Your Customers Through Connected TV in Birmingham

Quantifi Digital wants to help you target the right customers through Connected TV advertising in Birmingham. More people are dropping broadcast TV and cable in favor of Over-the-Top (OTT) services. These are streaming services that let viewers consume media through platforms like Hulu and Netflix, TV network applications, and websites. Unlike traditional TV, OTT media is delivered via the internet, and when the media is displayed through a television, it's called Connected TV (CTV).

How does OTT advertising in Birmingham work?

While traditional TV advertising is still going strong, OTT advertising is becoming increasingly popular. Connected TV reaches approximately 60 percent of the United States, and is expected to grow its share of the market over the next few years. The demand for Over-the-Top ads is greater than ever because it allows companies to connect with viewers across various devices.

Aside from traditional television, people consume movies and TV series using:

  • Streaming players like:
    • Roku TV
    • Google Chromecast
  • Smart TVs manufactured by companies like Panasonic, Hisense, and Sony
  • Gaming consoles such as:
    • Playstation 4
    • Wii U
  • Tablets and mobile phones

Viewers use these platforms to access OTT services. If you'd like to learn how to advertise on Apple TV and other popular OTT service providers, Quantifi Digital can help you connect to subscribers of the best OTT services like:

  • DirecTV Now: A subscription-based platform with approximately 1.5 million viewers. It offers more than 65 live TV channels, including favorites like the Fox Network, HGTV, and CNN. It's popular because it doesn't require any equipment like a satellite or receiver - everything is delivered via CTV.
  • Hulu: More than 28 million subscribers use Hulu for live TV, on-demand television series and movies, and original content. Hulu is the leading premium streaming service and is one of the most effective platforms for CTV advertising.
  • Sling TV: This platform is popular because it allows users to pick their channel lineup, giving them some control over how they want to arrange their TV experience. Commercials on Sling TV be seen by as many as 12 million subscribers.

We can also provide OTT advertising access to popular network channels like A&E, the AMC Networks, ESPN, and more. If you want to reach the cord stackers who're watching television via CTV and traditional cable, you can. We offer access to streaming local cable network inventory in participating areas, giving you the best of both worlds. Learn more about this and the other services we offer by completing the form below.

What are the advantages of CTV over traditional TV?

The nature of advertising is changing. With more people making the shift to OTT devices, the need for digital TV advertising is more important than ever. Compared to traditional cable ads, CTV advertising in Birmingham can give you more bang for your buck. That's because Connected TV ads are non-skippable and can be finely tuned to reach the target viewer. This means customers aren't flooded with as many ads, while you can enjoy completion rates higher than 90 percent.

We can help you get the most out of your advertising budget via Connected TV advertising in Birmingham, so you can advertise on Hulu and other OTT streaming services. You can even get access to local TV advertising in Birmingham through streaming local cable in addition to other streaming apps and services.

What are the benefits of using CTV advertising in Birmingham?

Connected TV advertising comes with several benefits you won't find with traditional TV advertising. For starters, running CTV and OTT ads connect you with two demographics you won't find subscribing to traditional cable: the cord-cutters who've made the switch to OTT devices and the cord-nevers who've never subscribed to anything but OTT content.

On top of that, CTV ads offer several handy features you can use to enhance your marketing campaign, including:

  • Reporting: With traditional TV, advertisements are run on a specific time slot and you hope your viewers are watching. But streaming ads offer comprehensive reporting, down to the device delivery, network, and unique reach. That way, you can fine-tune your campaign so the right people are receiving your advertisements.
  • Retargeting: The best OTT campaigns are the ones that continue to engage their audience. Connected TV advertising lets you retarget viewers with web-based advertisements, which can help increase your conversion rates.
  • Geographic targeting: This feature lets you narrow the focus of your marketing campaign all the way down to the ZIP code, so you can target the right viewers instead of advertising to an entire metropolitan area.
  • Audience targeting: Instead of guessing which demographic is likely to engage with your ads, use first- and third-party data to see which viewers are most likely to engage with your goods or services and deliver your campaign to them.

Birmingham is home to several museums, including the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum. The city has a large sports fanbase, especially for Auburn and Alabama football. The targeting opportunities provided by Quantifi Digital can help you come up with a campaign via CTV and local TV advertising in Birmingham so you can ensure the right people are getting your message, no matter where or when they're watching.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Birmingham?

The costs associated with your streaming advertising campaign depend on your needs. Streaming TV ads on Connected TV and OTT platforms is one of the best ways to engage with your target market, and we can help you create a laser-targeted campaign that helps you generate buzz and attract new customers.

Whether your audience is watching SEC football on the WatchESPN app or taking in their favorite shows on TNT through Sling TV, we can help you bring your message directly to them. If you'd like to learn more about OTT advertising in Birmingham or you're ready to get started, fill out the form below and let one of the experts at Quantifi Digital help you come up with the right campaign for your business.