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Target Your Preferred Customers with OTT Advertising in Salt Lake City

Quantifi Digital is an OTT ad agency dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and other business owners reach their target demographic in Salt Lake City. If you don't know what "OTT" (or Over-The-Top) means, it's a catch-all term for streaming services like Hulu or the WatchESPN app. These services are becoming increasingly popular, with their combined audience expected to reach 200 million Americans by 2021. Therefore, marketers who know how to make the most of them are poised for success in the future.

What is Connected TV?

Anybody who watches TV without relying on a cable box, satellite dish, or similar equipment is said to be using Connected TV, or CTV for short. This means that CTV may be defined as accessing OTT content on a television set, a relationship that allows them to be used synonymously in many contexts.

Advertising on CTV can be just as effective as traditional TV buys if not more so, but you need to keep the intricacies of the medium in mind. Since CTV ad breaks are usually shorter than TV commercial breaks, viewers are more likely to stick around for them as opposed to channel surfing. Video-on-demand ads are also unskippable, leading to in-view rates of 100 percent while cable subscribers can simply fast-forward through every commercial they come across. Please continue reading or fill out this form to learn more about the benefits of CTV advertising in Salt Lake City.

How does OTT advertising in Salt Lake City work?

There are as many ways to stream video content as there are viewers, so the only constants are a compatible machine and a reliable internet connection. Here are a few of the devices that your audience could be using to stream right now:

  • Gaming consoles such as:
    • Microsoft Xbox One
    • Nintendo Wii U
    • Sony PlayStation 4
  • Smart TVs from well-known brands such as:
    • LG
    • Hisense
    • Panasonic
  • Dedicated streaming platforms like:
    • Amazon Fire TV
    • Roku TV
    • Apple TV
  • Smartphones, tablets, and a myriad of other internet-enabled devices

Most of these gadgets are capable of accessing OTT content from more than one source, giving viewers all of the choices they can handle. Quantifi Digital negotiates direct deals with several partners in the industry, giving us exclusive access to premium ad inventory that you won't be able to purchase on your own. Here are a few of the content providers we're proud to do business with:

  • Hulu: Hulu provides access to both live and on-demand programming, including acclaimed original series and current-season episodes from some of the biggest names in modern TV. With a subscriber base of approximately 28 million people, adverts on Hulu can find a huge audience. While other agencies have monthly minimums that can make it difficult to advertise on Hulu, we make it more accessible.
  • Xumo: Xumo is a free service that features over 100 channels that cover multiple genres, including comedy, sports, and news. Some of the channels available include Newsy, History, and USA TODAY News. Adverts on Xumo can reach up to 5.5 million monthly users.
  • Pluto TV: Pluto is a free app that streams over 100 live channels, including MSNBC, FOX Sports, and CBS News. It is available on most streaming platforms and has roughly 18 million users every month.

Quantifi Digital can also get you premium local streaming cable inventory on popular channels like FOX News Channel, FuboTV, and the Discovery Channel. Please fill out our form below for additional information on how we can help you with Connected TV advertising in Salt Lake City.

What are some of the benefits offered by local TV advertising in Salt Lake City?

We can use first- and third-party demographic information such as age, sex, and household income to serve ads directly to your target audience, helping you maximize the efficiency of your ad spend. For example, somebody who has been researching cars online is more likely to be interested in an ad for an automobile. In contrast, you have to hope that the commercial you bought on cable finds a suitable audience. Viewers of all ages watch CTV content, so OTT advertising isn't just for younger people either (only 41 percent of CTV viewers are younger than 35).

Likewise, Over-The-Top ads can target any geographic area: from a specific ZIP code to the entire state of Utah. Unfortunately, other TV ad buys are limited to "Designated Metropolitan Areas" that may or may not fit the scope of your campaign. Our ads also offer retargeting capabilities, meaning that viewers who watch one to completion can be served follow-ups to keep the value you can offer fresh in their minds.

Most importantly, our live reporting dashboard is available 24/7 and provides valuable insight into how your ads are faring, including network delivery information and dayparts. If you have any questions concerning local TV advertising in Salt Lake City, our knowledgeable ad operations professionals would be happy to address them.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Salt Lake City?

If you think CTV advertising in Salt Lake City is too expensive for anybody but the biggest brands, you couldn't be more wrong. Quantifi Digital offers a variety of different packages and price points, so we're confident we can find something that works for you. We also strive to deliver as much value as we possibly can to every client. For instance, we only work on the buy-side of the industry to avoid the potential conflicts of interest that are unfortunately quite common in our industry.

Whether your ideal customer is streaming Utah Jazz games on the WatchESPN app, warming up with their favorite shows after skiing the area's famous slopes, or watching educational programs at home to prepare for an upcoming trip to the Gardner Historic Village, Quantifi Digital can help you reach them. Fill in the form below to learn more about Connected TV advertising in Salt Lake City!