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Use CTV Advertising in Chico to Connect with Your Target Audience

Quantifi Digital is a top OTT agency that has the expertise you need to reach television viewers in Chico. If you aren't familiar with the acronym "OTT," it stands for Over-The-Top and can be used to describe any method of accessing video content that doesn't involve a cable subscription. Services like Hulu and CBS All-Access are good examples of OTT options. Please continue reading to learn more about how we can help you with Connected TV advertising in Chico.

What is Connected TV?

If you access OTT content on a television screen, you are said to be using Connected TV, or CTV for short. CTV is more flexible than a traditional cable subscription, so it's no surprise that the industry is expected to get bigger over time.

While CTV is obviously great for viewers, it can also be a powerful tool for marketers. CTV ad breaks aren't as long as traditional TV commercial breaks, so viewers have to stick around or risk missing part of their program. OTT ads are also unskippable, leading to completion rates of 90 percent and up in a medium where skipping ads is becoming increasingly commonplace.

We can also target your specific audience. For example, we'll serve an ad for an automobile to viewers who have recently expressed an online interest in purchasing a new vehicle. If your product is aimed at kids, we'll look for families with children. Sadly, you don't know exactly who will be watching a traditional TV program until it airs, at which point you're likely to discover that your commercial was viewed by an audience unlikely to want or need your services. Please fill out this form for more info on local TV advertising in Chico.

How does OTT advertising in Chico work?

While OTT technology is fairly technical, it is simple on the consumer side. If you have a reliable internet connection and a compatible device, you're ready to start streaming. Here are a few of the devices your customers could be streaming on right now:

  • Streaming players including Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast
  • Gaming consoles including Nintendo Wii U and Microsoft Xbox One
  • Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices
  • Smart TVs from popular brands like Hisense and Sony

Most of these devices can access OTT content from a plethora of providers, and Quantifi Digital can help you advertise on nearly all of them. Unlike some of our competitors who rely on the open exchange to purchase ad inventory, we negotiate direct deals with multiple companies that give us priority access to the best stock. Here are three of our trusted partners in the industry:

  • Sony Crackle: Crackle offers free, on-demand access to award-winning TV shows and movies, including original programming you won't be able to find anyplace else. Advertisements on Crackle can reach a user base of up to 10 million people monthly.
  • DirecTV Now: DirecTV Now offers live access to over 65 live TV networks, including ABC, FOX, and CNN. There are no annual contracts or ugly equipment involved. Commercials on DirecTV Now can reach a subscriber base of roughly 1.5 million people.
  • Hulu: Hulu is a subscription-based service that offers live and on-demand access to a variety of programming, including original series and ad-supported episodes of television's most popular programs. Commercials on Hulu can reach up to 28 million subscribers.

Additionally, Quantifi Digital has OTT advertising access to Viacom networks like Comedy Central, Turner Networks such as TBS, and a variety of other channels. Please fill in our form below to discover more about how we can help with CTV advertising in Chico.

What are some of the benefits of CTV advertising in Chico?

While traditional TV spots have to target Designated Metropolitan Areas, we can adjust the scope of your campaign to your unique needs. Smaller companies can focus on a particular ZIP code, while larger ones can connect with the entirety of California. We also offer retargeting capabilities, meaning that viewers who watch one of your ads to completion can be served follow-ups to increase the chances that they buy something from you.

Best of all, our live reporting dashboard provides real-time information on the performance of your campaign: dayparts, network delivery, device delivery, frequency, and even completion rates. Our ad operations professionals can help you use this information to make your campaign more effective. In contrast, TV networks generally don't tell you anything about how effective a commercial may have been.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Chico?

If you're thinking that Connected TV advertising in Chico is likely well outside of your price range, you should know that Quantifi Digital offers a variety of price points to help businesses of all sizes market more effectively. For instance, we don't have monthly minimums that artificially inflate the price of getting started. We also work exclusively on the buy-side of the industry, so we don't distribute ads to our own CTV networks at your expense. Yes, some of our competitors do that.

Chico is an exciting city that offers plenty of opportunities to connect with your target audience. Whether your ideal customer is enjoying comedy shows in the tranquility of Bidwell Park, streaming educational content to get the kids excited for a trip to the Gateway Science Museum, or watching the news between samples at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, OTT advertising in Chico is a great way to reach them. Fill in the form below to learn more about the role Quantifi Digital can play in that process.