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Use CTV Advertising in Tucson to Reach Your Audience More Accurately

If you're looking for help with OTT advertising in Tucson, look no further than Quantifi Digital. OTT, or Over-The-Top, content includes any form of streaming video that does not involve a set-top box. Popular examples include streaming services such as Hulu and mobile apps like WatchESPN. OTT options provide viable alternatives to cable, allowing viewers to cancel their cable subscription while still enjoying their favorite shows. As a result, the number of cord-cutters in the United States is expected to increase by almost 20 percent this year, while cable subscriptions are expected to drop by 3 percent. Keep reading to learn more about how this trend can present a marketing opportunity.

What is Connected TV?

OTT content can be accessed on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles (Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One, etc.), smart TVs (Samsung, Vizio), and dedicated streaming players (Google Chromecast, Apple TV). However, many viewers choose to stream OTT content on their television screen to replicate cable as closely as possible. We call this Connected TV, or CTV for short.

CTV offers a variety of advantages for viewers. You get more freedom to choose what you watch and when you want to watch it. CTV is often cheaper than cable, and some ad-supported options are completely free for consumers. For advertisers, it's more of a mixed bag. The experts at Quantifi Digital have it down to a science, though. We can serve Over-The-Top ads to any demographic you want to target. For instance, did you know that roughly 22 percent of all CTV viewers are over the age of 55? While cord-cutting is often seen as a millennial trend, we can get your ads in front of an older audience just as easily. Please fill out this form for more info on CTV advertising in Tucson.

How much does it cost to advertise on TV in Tucson?

Surprisingly, local TV advertising in Tucson doesn't need to break the bank. Quantifi Digital offers a variety of packages designed to accommodate nearly any budget. One thing all of our offerings have in common is a commitment to providing as much value as we possibly can. For example, some of our competitors own and operate their own CTV networks, enabling them to place ads at discounted rates at their client's expense. We only work in the buy-side of our industry, so we never face the same conflict of interest.

The Tucson, Arizona, area consists of approximately 425,000 households, and we can help you reach every one of them. Whether your target audience is enjoying game shows without leaving bed, streaming music videos as a soundtrack to the scenic DeGrazia Gallery of the Sun, or watching educational programming to prepare for a trip to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum, Connected TV advertising in Tucson can be a great way to find them. Fill out the form below for more information.

Why is right now a good time to invest in Connected TV advertising in Tucson?

Cable customers are increasingly skipping every ad they come across, leaving advertisers with little opportunity to get their message across. In contrast, VOD ads are unskippable, giving us in-view ad rates of 100 percent and completion rates of 90 percent and up. Digital ads can also encourage viewers to engage with them in a manner that isn't possible with traditional TV.

We also offer retargeting capabilities, meaning that viewers who see one of your ads can be served online follow-ups to remind them of what you can do for them. We also provide a live reporting dashboard that provides 24/7 access to valuable data you can use to improve your campaign. Unfortunately, TV networks can't tell you anything about how your ad performed except when it aired. If you're ready to get started with CTV advertising in Tucson today, reach out using the form below.

Can I get started with OTT advertising today?

There are so many different OTT providers today that it can be tough to figure out which ones best fit your needs. Quantifi Digital has exclusive deals with several of the top players of the industry, allowing us to access the ad inventory that makes the most sense for you. Here is some additional information on some of our industry partners:

  • Hulu: Hulu is the leading OTT provider with approximately 28 million subscribers. It provides access to both live and on-demand programming, including current-season episodes from some of TV's most popular networks. While many of our competitors use monthly minimums as artificial barriers that limit who can advertise on Hulu, we believe that the opportunity should be available to everyone.
  • Sling TV: Sling allows viewers to build and pay for a customized channel lineup to minimize waste. Available networks include Food Network, Travel, and HGTV. Commercials on Sling TV can reach over 12 million subscribers.
  • Tubi TV: Tubi streams popular movies and TV shows in HD quality on a variety of CTV platforms. New content is added monthly, so viewers always have a reason to come back for more. Ads on Tubi can reach a user base of up to 20 million.

In addition, we can get you streaming local cable inventory on popular channels such as ESPN, CBS, and Scripps Networks (Discovery, Animal Planet, etc.). Fill out the form below to take advantage of all of Quantifi Digital's expertise with OTT advertising in Tucson. You'll be happy you did!