male connected consumer on cell phone

Who are Connected Consumers?

In a past blog post we discussed what connected TV is and how it differs from traditional TV, but who exactly are connected consumers and how can we appeal to them? They are people who stream movies, shows, podcasts, etc. from devices such as their phone, laptop, and their TV at home. According to Nielsen, in February 2021 the number of U.S. households with internet-enabled connected TV devices reached 77% with 3% growth from 2020. As an advertiser, it is important to develop an understanding of who this growing audience of connected consumers is in order to reach them in an impactful manner. 


Typically, connected consumers use a smart media device at least once a month, but can be expected to use them much more. The majority of connected consumers are between the ages of 18-44, which is very important to keep in mind when brainstorming relevance in marketing. In addition, this consumer group has considerable purchasing power with an average household income of $80,000 compared to the $71,000 average annual income of general consumers. Connected consumers are also found to be in a stage of life where they have to make large purchasing decisions, most likely ones that will have the potential to accelerate their buying patterns for years to come. 


Connected consumers are a very forward-thinking audience with an open mind to new ideas and messages that resonate with them. They are also considered to be more ‘trendy’ and up to date with technology in comparison to other consumers. Spending their time researching products and services before they buy them, but once they find a dependable brand they tend to be loyal customers. Other attributes that these consumers possess are creativity, optimism, responsibility, tech-savvy, and curiosity. 


When advertising to connected consumers, it is important to keep all of these characteristics in mind so that you will be able to target them in a way that will stand out and resonate with them. This generation of consumers has a large capacity of spending power, and they are out there waiting for the right brands to reach them. Going forward, it is important as an advertiser to craft your advertisements with these connected consumers in mind because they are forward-thinking, curious, creative and optimistic trendsetters who you will want to have to advocate for your brand.