2018 Web Design Trends

Graphic Design is a constantly evolving profession. The design scene is experiencing intriguing growth and trends are beginning to shift away from the flat design movement popular in the first decade of the millennium and toward more originality. Here are three web design trends you will see emerge in 2018!

1: Movement – GIFs, Videos, and Cinemagraphs

As we detailed in our blog post in August, motion is a very important piece of the web design puzzle. Its importance is only growing. Movement gives the user visceral payoff for visiting and interacting with a web page. It encourages a user to click on a button. Cinemagraphs provide contrast between the still image and its animation. All forms of animation will be huge parts of web design moving into 2018.

2: Semi-Flat Design

Minimalist design, also known as flat design, has been an integral part of web design for the past several years. Think of Microsoft’s logo redesign introduced in 2010, or Apple iOS moving to a flat UI design in 2013 with iOS7. These designs forego gradients and drop shadows in order to provide a clean, flat, minimalist design. In 2018, drop shadows are making a comeback. Designers no longer need to feel as though they shouldn’t include details such as gradients and depth to their “flat” web designs.


3: Responsive Logos

In the past, heavily altering logos to fit within a certain size has been blasphemous. However, design trends are finally catching up in the web universe. “Modernizing” logos over the last few years has been the first step. Now, companies, such as Google and Skype, have already released responsive versions of their logos, which gracefully break down when viewing on mobile devices. Expect to see this trend become hot in the next year. The Responsive Logos Project has some amazing examples of responsive logos for you to view.

These are but a few trends bubbling up in late 2017 and moving into 2018. Quantifi Digital will look at all of these trends and use them in ways that make sense for our clients. What are some of the trends you see on the new year’s horizon? Tell us on social media! If you want to know how we can help your company stay on the cutting edge, contact us today.