The Benefits of Dynamic Search Engine Marketing and Targeted Display Marketing

Any business can benefit from utilizing dynamic SEM and/or targeted display because these strategies are highly effective, trackable, and cost efficient when compared to other forms of advertising.

In dynamic search engine marketing (SEM), search ads are generated from your website based on search queries in major search engines. Search engines will match the search queries and terms against the content on your website and create the ads dynamically.

Targeted display marketing relates to online banners, which are placed around relevant content on websites as a possible consumer browses the Internet. Targeted display banners are clickable; they take online consumers directly to a landing page with the product or service featured on the display banner.

When to Use Dynamic SEM and Target Display Marketing

Search Volume

Dynamic SEM can help your business if you are not showing up at or near the top of search results in your market when someone searches for your products and services. Dynamic SEM helps you show up when keywords related to your business are searched online.


If you want to grow brand awareness consider increasing it with targeted display banners. Targeted banners will keep you at the top of consumers’ minds and will give you the power to target specific audiences, which highly increases your odds of receiving valuable customers.

Urgent Services

Dynamic SEM works well for businesses that are an urgent service, such as tow trucks, locksmiths, 24-hour veterinarians, and dentists. These businesses are found online when people immediately search a service for help. Since most people in emergency circumstances will be using their phones to search, mobile will be the best environment for your ads. As an urgent service, mobile search ads will put you near the top of online search results giving you an increased chance of receiving business.

The Benefits of Using Quantifi Digital’s Dynamic SEM and Targeted Display

  1. You grab the attention of your target consumer at the right time on any device.
  2. Flexible monthly budgets and consistent campaign pacing analysis.
  3. Your strategies are targeted and narrowed down to reach your core demographic(s).
  4. It’s measureable. You can track progress at any time.
  5. We customize your ads based on your needs and can focus on specific aspects of your business during different times of the year.

Combining dynamic SEM and targeted display maximizes your online potential and results, while creating consistent messaging and high traffic across all devices. If you want to learn more about our dynamic SEM and targeted display services, and how they can enhance your company, give us a call. Our digital strategy team would love to help you!