3-Step Guide to Optimizing Landing Pages to Drive Conversions: QD Best Practices

Web development continues to be the driving force (and touchpoint) behind effective digital advertising campaigns. Design, speed, and maneuverability are the main pieces of a great website. Many consumers’ first or second experience with a company is with its website, which makes it vital to create the best online experience possible. Here are three steps to optimizing landing pages to drive conversations!

Know What’s Working

Review your current website pages for speed issues and mobile-friendliness; review your content for problems and updates; and review design flaws or changes. Use data from your Google Analytics dashboard to justify design, layout, and content. If you do not have Google Analytics set up on your site, we highly suggest it, so you can track your web traffic and much more. It’s free! Consider consulting with a digital marketing agency, such as QD, to get feedback.

Tip: Take notes of website areas that need attention, and take screenshots as a reference point. Once you have audited your website, you should know the scale of your website project, how much work is needed, and any costs associated with the website improvements.

Create Clean & Mobile-Friendly Sites

There are a few factors about your website to consider when in the creation phase: engaging graphics, relevant and searchable keywords, well-written page content, video content, design, layout, form fills, and downloadable documents. When designing or redesigning a site, choose subtle colors and simple layouts that make sense for the brand’s identity and logo, especially for smaller sites. Larger sites are more complex and demand more storage, content, and maintenance. Verify your graphics are clear and sized appropriately. Double check the verbiage on the site, proofread, and add relevant keywords that relate to your products or services.

A well-written, searchable site with engaging graphics will directly lead to sales. Engaging graphics contain drama. They contain striking imagery, contrasting colors, they sometimes contain motion. These graphics will drive the consumer to read your content. Well written content will educate the consumer and help them associate your brand with what they’re reading. This will drive some of them to fill out your form. These form fills are leads and potential sales.

Tip: Create a user-friendly landing page that is easy to navigate with clear call-to-action buttons and and concise headlines.

Test & Improve Landing Pages

Keep close contact with your website designer during this step, since it’s in your best interest to verify your website text is legible and your links are clickable. Also, check the page load speeds of the links you are using. If those links are slow or broken, consider removing or using another link.

Tip: Think carefully about including things like images or tracking pixels, which can increase the weight of your pages and result in slower speeds. When doing your spot checks for speed, design, and maneuverability, ensure you are checking both the desktop and mobile version of your site.

Once the site is built correctly, optimized, and all of the necessary checks have been completed, your website will drive and convert more clicks from normal search traffic and from your online advertisements.

QD builds websites based on social media integration, content management, and superior web presence. Your website will reflect your business, it’s culture, and function as an interactive online sales tool you are proud to own.

QD utilizes tools to guarantee your website and digital advertising campaign effectiveness! We want to help your business dominate the digital space and grow clientele. If you want to learn more about our company, visit our page or give us a call!