How to Ensure New Hire Success

The hiring process is an important cog in any company’s machine. To ensure success for both the company and the new hire, there are steps that can be taken to make the new person feel at home and clearly define his or her new responsibilities.


Hire the Right Person


Any step you take will be null and void if you don’t hire the right person. Quantifi Digital takes this to the extreme with in-depth resume and portfolio reviews, multiple interviews, and even a personality test. Do everything in your power to not only make sure you’re looking in the right places, but also the person you’ve found is the perfect fit for your position.



Be Prepared


You’ve found the right fit, now you need to make sure everything is ready for your new hire before he or she starts. Disorganization before a new hire’s first day is a constant struggle in organizations. Having all hardware, software, and necessary bookmarks set up beforehand gives the new hire opportunity to step right in and be productive. Having a loose, flexible itinerary for the new hire to adhere to will give structure to the often hectic first few weeks at a company. Also, make sure you give the new hire time to meet and chat with all the people who they’ll be interacting with on a daily basis within the first week of their start date – taking the time to meet your coworkers without a project deadline involved helps nurture a friendlier work environment.



Nurture Talent


Hiring new, talented employees is important. Developing them over time is everything. At Quantifi Digital, our employees attend professional development courses at Aileron. We encourage continuous development. New employees can develop into management over time and that should be encouraged and fostered.