Utilizing Lead Ads for Businesses

Lead ads are an ad type that allows you to run lead generation campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. They work by making sign-ups easy for people and more valuable for businesses.


There are many ways lead ads can be used by a business. You might consider using lead ads to grow your email list for strategies like your newsletter or email marketing. They can also be used to learn more about your customers by asking them about preferences and interests. Lead ads are great for offer coupons or promotions, and if your business schedules appointments for services, a lead ad can be an easy way to collect client information and make an appointment.


Before setting up a lead ad within Ads Manager, you’ll want to ensure you have everything you need to create it. A lead ad requires text and an image or video. You will also want to establish the list of questions you want to include in your lead form. You can choose a number of default fields, like email address, full name, and phone number, or you can create your own custom questions. Facebook requires all advertisers who create lead ads to have a privacy policy on their business’ website. When creating the lead form, they will ask you to supply the link to your privacy policy.


Each lead form starts with a welcome screen that can provide more details about your product or service. Adding a welcome screen is optional, but it is best used for providing more context, giving people a reason to share their information, and letting people know what will happen after they share their information. Lead forms also include questions that are typically populated based on information users share with Facebook. Be sure to ask only the information you really need. Keep any free-form text input to a minimum because it can effect ease of use when filling out the form. It is also a good idea to limit the number of multiple choice options to minimize scrolling for a better experience. Once users submit their form, they are directed to a thank you screen where you can include a website link to direct them to further information.


There are only four types of ad creative that can be used for lead ads. A carousel ad can be created with up to 10 scrollable image or videos. A slideshow can be used to create a looping video ad from up to 10 images. A video ad can be created to help grab the attention of the viewer with engaging visuals. A single image allows you to create a simple image to best relate what your lead ad is offering.


Now that you are more familiar with lead ads you can use them for your business to generate high quality leads for your products or services!