The Battle for the 4th Screen

The evolution of technological possibility is an everchanging landscape. What was once breaking news, display banners are now the digital advertising norm. Even the newest poster child for digital, Connected TV, is getting adopted at an increasing rate, leaving everyone looking to the horizon for what’s next.


So, what is next? The answer may lie in the dashboard of your car.


Does watching the new season of your favorite show through your car’s dashboard seem too good to be true? How about ordering your morning coffee through your car while you’re driving to work? Maybe even getting shown a fast food ad next to your navigation screen while on the highway at lunch time? All of these possibilities are being speculated as advertisers, software developers, and car manufacturers salivate at the technological, and financial, possibilities in what’s being called the “4th screen.”


The same two things always occur when new technological capabilities are dangled in front of us: who is going to monetize it and how are we going to regulate it? These two questions could extend the implementation time of more sophisticated car dashboards. We can already see the dash screen is getting larger each year, but so does the worry about distracted driving. Government agencies are already trying to battle technological advances in cars that effect safety, like texting and driving, so ad-supported and media-integrated dashboards might inflame the current safety epidemic.


So, full length movies through your car dashboard: are you for it or against it? Only time will tell if we’ll be advertising to you through your car’s dashboard (and not through its radio) in the years to come.