mobile is the future of advertising

Moving to Mobile

Gone are the days of sitting on desktop computers and viewing content on large screens. More than half of all website traffic is generated on mobile phones, and this number will only continue to grow. Sitting at a computer takes extra time and effort that people are no longer willing to give, but why should they? Everyone has a phone at their fingertips that gives instant access to information and entertainment. As society becomes increasingly connected, people are reliant on their mobile devices to get them through the day. With the shift and necessity of mobile use for content, traditional marketing efforts are no longer enough to reach your audience. Including mobile in your marketing plan gives you constant reach to your audience instead of being limited to certain times of the day.


The way people engage with brands has been transformed with mobile marketing through activities such as email, social media, and mobile apps. While using their mobile device, people are now more likely to stumble upon a brand or product. With a smaller screen, users are much more engaged and intent on reading what is on their phone, giving marketers the perfect opportunity to catch their audience’s attention.


How do we catch audience attention? Display ads are a perfect way to get in front of your target audience eyes. With specialized targeting capabilities, it is now possible to target certain app categories and context on websites to get in front of the right user at the right time. With a targeted ad, the probability of the user being interested in the brand or product is much higher than a traditional marketing ad. With traditional marketing, there are limitations on who you can target and how many people you can reach. Sure, you can pay for a print advertisement in a related industry, but you will miss out on all of the people who do not read magazines or newspapers. By utilizing digital ads in mobile advertising, the scale is increased as you now have access to your entire target audience.


As society is increasingly on their mobile devices, jumping on the opportunity to utilize mobile devices in marketing will elevate brand awareness and keep you ahead of technology while taking your business to the next level. Not every marketer has the time, resources, or expertise to start advertising digitally, so Quantifi Digital is here to help.  We have experts eager to develop and run a customized digital strategy for your business.