Night of the Living Dead's Copyright flub is an important lesson in brand identity.

A Lesson in Brand Identity

George A. Romero and John Russo created one of the most successful horror film series of all time. Their creation, Night of the Living Dead, is a classic horror movie that transcends genre, film, and culture, and spawned one of the greatest brand identity lessons...

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Facebook is a powerful tool in your marketing engine.

9 Tips to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

You’ve made the move to Facebook for your business. Smart move, by the way, as Facebook is home to nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Now you’re getting ready to create a post. It should be easy enough. Slap together a photo and caption, then...

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Quanifi Digital will work hard to provide the best services to our clients

Keeping Afloat During Silly Season

"Silly Season" is approaching at Quantifi Digital, and keeping up with the incoming work is an important part of how we provide the best service to our clients. Below are some simple tips that might help you keep your head above water during your "silly...

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