Facebook is a powerful tool in your marketing engine.

9 Tips to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

You’ve made the move to Facebook for your business. Smart move, by the way, as Facebook is home to nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Now you’re getting ready to create a post. It should be easy enough. Slap together a photo and caption, then wait for the leads and customers to roll in, right? Wrong. You should have a comprehensive strategy to get noticed, liked, and create a buzz. We’ve compiled the tips below to make sure you’re creating appropriate, engaging posts to make the most of your business page.

1. Be Informative

The most appealing updates are the ones that offer something but do not disclose everything within the post. You want to entice fans to click and learn more.

2. Keep It Short and Sweet

Instead of including every detail in a post, try stating the main concept and add a link where they can find more information.

3. Keep Things Light-Hearted

Positive, quirky posts that are relatable to users are what they like to share, tag their friends in, and comment on. Find a happy medium that gets your message across while also putting a smile on your customer’s face.

4. Include a Call to Action

Trying to get users to take action on a post? Do you want to drive more traffic to your website or blog? Try including a call to action after an enticing statement that leaves the users wanting to learn or see more. Also consider including a button or link that clearly tells them where and how to take action.

5. Use High Quality Imagery or Video

Posts with images or video receive a much higher engagement rate than those without. It is important that images and videos are high quality and cohesive with your brand image. Capture or include one main point a user can easily digest and understand at a glance. Incorporate your logo so users can clearly associate the post with your business.

6. Engage, Engage, Engage!

This is one of the easiest ways to build relationships with your fans, to make a wrong situation right, and to build brand loyalty. Nearly half of all US consumers use social media to ask questions, to complain, or to report satisfaction. Additionally, a third of social media users prefer social media customer service to a phone call. It’s important to nip the negativity before it escalates, and it’s equally as important to appreciate positive feedback.

7. Make It Mobile Friendly

Eighty to eighty-five percent of your fans will see your posts on their mobile devices, so make sure your imagery, videos and, captions work well on mobile platforms.

8. Be Available

Just because you’re available to post during your business hours does not mean it is the most likely time for your fans to see and act on it. Use the Facebook Insights tab to gage when your fans are on and offline. Then schedule your posts to go out during that time and watch the engagement sore.

9. Punctuation

Don’t sacrifice grammar just because you’re on a time crunch or trying to keep a post short and to the point. Users follow business pages for information and professionalism. Pause for a moment before publishing to ensure that all text within the post is neat and easy to understand. Avoid abbreviations and all caps.

By using the tips above and experimenting to find the perfect content for your audience, you are sure to drive engagement, likes, and follows for your business page.