instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms

Marketing Your Business on Instagram

Instagram has a lot of specific tools to help you reach your marketing goals and build a quality following. Below are some tips and tricks we use at Quantifi to help further your social reach on Instagram.

Generating Leads

Instagram is a powerful platform to invest in if your goal is to generate leads. The lead generation process starts with attracting people to your business with an offer. You can ask questions to stir up engagement or provide a special offer. Make a special offer hassle free by changing the link in your bio and redirecting your followers to a form to gather the leads. Next, convert followers into prospects by giving them an incentive to like or share with friends. Collecting email addresses provides you the opportunity to follow up with prospects directly. You can send them personalized messages with relevant offers and target their location in the buying process. Investing in Instagram will help you compete the lead generation process and close the sale.

Content and Captions

The main goal of content curation on Instagram is to have your feed follow a consistent theme. You will want to carefully craft your page with quality images and engaging captions. The young audience of Instagram likes current, creative, and useful content. Do not be afraid to use video, as it can be one of the most engaging types of content. Your captions should encourage followers to interact with your posts, but keep an eye on the length of the captions to figure out what works best for your page. Do your followers like quick, witty remarks, or informative paragraphs? Give the carousel feature a try by uploading multiple photos in one post, which makes it possible to emphasis all the different features of a product or service without having to make multiple posts and clog up the newsfeed.

Posting Frequency

The key is to remember that frequency is not as important as being consistent. If users have gotten used to seeing your post every day, then make sure you are consistent in making a post a day. By posting too often, you may lose followers, but by posting less you might also lose followers. Your frequency will depend mostly on how much quality content you can create, and on what works best for your brand and personal schedule.


Using hashtags is a great way to help users to easily discover your content. Your content is placed in topic-specific feeds, which makes it searchable and increases your exposure to more audiences. You can create a community for your brand from the hashtags you select. Having a brand specific hashtag allows users to easily use your brand or product in a post. Always use hashtags relevant to your brand and what you are trying to express in your post. Be sure to update your hashtags to keep them fresh to avoid being Shadowbanned.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories can increase your interaction and help build relationships with your followers. They appear separately from the usual feed and only last for 24 hours. Instagram stories generate about 35 percent more views for brands than Snapchat stories. You can use it to give product demos or provide an inside look into your business.

Need help curating your Instagram feed? Give us a call! Our social media team would be happy to learn more about your business and create the best social media plan possible for you.