Branding on Social Media

It can be difficult to brand a business on social media. Everyone has their own list of ideas about how to catch an audience’s attention. However, no matter what’s on your list, it’s important to establish goals, know your audience, stand out, stay consistent, then analyze and measure your results.

Establish Your Goals

It is very important to begin your social media strategy with clear goals and objectives. It will help everyone on your team be on the same page and help your strategy flow with purpose. Take a look at your pain points and see where your brand might need a little work. These goals will also be used when you analyze and measure your results. If you are not hitting your goals, then you can make adjustments to see what works best for your brand.

Know Your Audience

After setting your goals, you need to get to know your audience. Find out who they are, what they do, what they like, what their pain points are, and the solutions you can provide them. Knowing your audience will help you properly plan your content around what gets their attention and how to connect with them. Knowing your audience and connecting with them will create strong, loyal relationships. Then, from relationships come recommendations to friends and family.

Stand Out

When creating content, you want to make sure your brand is able to stand out from all the social media clutter. There are many ways you can help your brand stand out. Ask your audience questions, which can also provide you with feedback on things you might want to consider changing about your brand. Run a poll; everyone has an opinion and social media is their place to share it. Invite user-generated content, which can help you blend into the newsfeed better and create more engagement. Finally, post videos to give your audience an inside look into your brand and the people behind it.

Stay Consistent

The best way to help your brand stand out in the newsfeed is to keep your image consistent. Create a branding guide for everyone to follow. This guide can include logo variations, branding colors, fonts, and the mood you wish to set. You can even add your goals and objectives to keep them as the top focus. Staying consistent also involves keeping the same posting schedule. If people are used to seeing you post every day, then it might worry them when you skip a day or a week. Staying consistent can also create a better relationship with your audience and help them know what to expect from your brand.

Analyze and Measure the Results

Now that you have a plan in place and you are putting your brand out there on social media, it is important to follow up with analyzing and measuring your results. Analysis is the best way to tell if you are on track with achieving your goals and objectives. If you find that you are not hitting your goals, then you should revise your plan. It is not a good idea to continue on with what is not working, unless your plan is to drive your brand into the ground.

No matter the platform you use to promote your brand, these suggestions remain the same. Branding on social media should not be super difficult; it should be easy and rewarding.