The 411 on Digital Branding

Being branded has always been a buzzword in the digital space. However, what does it really mean for businesses, and how do you become branded? It’s one thing for your agency to say you have a “branded” digital presence, but it takes a united front...

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Branding on Social Media

It can be difficult to brand a business on social media. Everyone has their own list of ideas about how to catch an audience’s attention. However, no matter what’s on your list, it’s important to establish goals, know your audience, stand out, stay consistent, then...

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Night of the Living Dead's Copyright flub is an important lesson in brand identity.

A Lesson in Brand Identity

George A. Romero and John Russo created one of the most successful horror film series of all time. Their creation, Night of the Living Dead, is a classic horror movie that transcends genre, film, and culture, and spawned one of the greatest brand identity lessons...

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