Building a Better Programmatic, One Block(chain) at a Time

Blockchain is described in Digiday as a “ledger” of programmatic transactions. This ledger contains the transaction data of programmatic markets to give everyone involved in the process transparent data – something that is currently lacking. Blockchain will map the entire programmatic transaction from brands to publishers to SSPs to DSPs and back again, creating a history people can look back on to garnish insights like ad placement, cost effectiveness, and the detection of fraud....

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2017 in Review: An Agency Blog Perspective

2017 was a monumental year for Quantifi Digital. We grew rapidly, picking up three new employees, many new clients, and even started a blog! We are going to recap some of the ideas touched upon in our fledgling blog as a reflection of the past year and our future momentum....

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Five Positive Effects of Social Media

Social media has changed the way people interact. It seems all we ever hear about is how it negatively impacts our lives. Buzz words like cyberbullying, identity theft, and fake news are often used when social media comes up in conversation. Yes, without social media some of these issues would be less prominent or may not exist, but social media has also brought many positive changes to our lives as well…and we’d like to talk...

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web cookies

The Cookie Armageddon that Never Came

A “cookie” is a digital advertising term for a pixel of data stored on the web. Cookies attach themselves to your browsing history to follow you around the Internet. This is not as “Big Brother” as it sounds and cookies are not viruses. There are two types of cookies: first party and third party. While debating the morality of cookies, it’s important to define what a first party cookie and a third party cookie means....

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A new piece of legislation is going to change how advertisers can gather your online data.

New Legislation is Shaping the Future of Online Data

When browsing the web, it is likely you see ads relevant to your interests. These ads peak your curiosity because of the meaningful online data gathered about you through browsers, apps, and behavioral models. It may sound odd marketers have technology that can tell what your hobbies, household income, and family model looks like, but it’s not as personal as you may think. Most companies simply refer to people using online ids. You may be...

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PUBG Case Study: Know Your Audience to Dominate Market Share

When video game enthusiasts talk about e-sport games, they reference games that feature a team of players trying to eliminate another team within a virtual map or complete an objective. Popular e-sports games of this decade include: “Counter Strike,” “DOTA,” and “Starcraft.” These games are popular because they have specific objectives and cater to a niche target audience. With the positive buzz surrounding the emergence of e-sports games, it has come as a shock these...

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