A new piece of legislation is going to change how advertisers can gather your online data.

New Legislation is Shaping the Future of Online Data

When browsing the web, it is likely you see ads relevant to your interests. These ads peak your curiosity because of the meaningful online data gathered about you through browsers, apps, and behavioral models. It may sound odd marketers have technology that can tell what your hobbies, household income, and family model looks like, but it’s not as personal as you may think. Most companies simply refer to people using online ids. You may be...

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PUBG Case Study: Know Your Audience to Dominate Market Share

When video game enthusiasts talk about e-sport games, they reference games that feature a team of players trying to eliminate another team within a virtual map or complete an objective. Popular e-sports games of this decade include: “Counter Strike,” “DOTA,” and “Starcraft.” These games are popular because they have specific objectives and cater to a niche target audience. With the positive buzz surrounding the emergence of e-sports games, it has come as a shock these...

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temperature targeting

The Features and Benefits of Temperature-Targeted Ads

Temperature targeting is a premium display targeting strategy that can increase or decrease impression frequency during specific temperature thresholds in real time. Weather data can be collected by an advertising company for any location or business, and ads can be targeted on-demand at any time during the day....

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Facebook Targeting 101

With more than two billion monthly active users on Facebook, it can seem nearly impossible to make sure your ads are being seen only by your target demographic. Facebook shares your concern because if their users are consistently seeing irrelevant content they may stop using Facebook....

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To learn more about social media best practices, we recommend following social media influencers on their various social media accounts.

The Fab4

To learn more about social media best practices, we recommend following social media influencers on their various social media accounts. Join a Facebook group that shares advertising hacks, follow a professional Instagrammer who gives daily tips on how to organically increase your following, or watch YouTube videos about creating a custom Facebook audience. Networking and getting connected to the pros allow you to stay on top of what’s new and trending in the social media...

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Augmented Reality is the future of advertising.

The Future of Advertising Technology: Part 1

Digital radio advertising (like Spotify and Pandora Radio) is poised to triple in the next year, but it’s not the only digital audio format to increase in popularity. Podcasts are also expected to increase in adoption and consumption. In preparation for the increase in podcast inventory, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a “podcast playbook” to show advertisers the possibilities podcast advertising can offer....

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Night of the Living Dead's Copyright flub is an important lesson in brand identity.

A Lesson in Brand Identity

George A. Romero and John Russo created one of the most successful horror film series of all time. Their creation, Night of the Living Dead, is a classic horror movie that transcends genre, film, and culture, and spawned one of the greatest brand identity lessons in film history....

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