Go with the Motion – Why Animation Matters

In 2017, the average internet user’s attention span is decreasing, but the competition to catch their attention online is increasing. Video is the king of animated content, but it isn’t the only piece on the marketing chess board. Animated display ads are an effective player and should be the queen of your chess board. For the past few years, gifs have consistently been the internet’s favorite play thing. Now people can use them for everything...

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Connected Television

Connected Television Advertising: A New Collective Education

It’s a fact the new wave of TV watching cuts the traditional cable cord. Target audiences are watching, streaming, and tuning in to TV on their terms. With the emergence of Netflix, Hulu, and DVR, the landscape of television has changed forever – so shouldn’t commercials change too? The answer is a resounding yes, but it’s spelled “C-T-V,” not “Y-E-S.” Connected TV (CTV) is the new way to advertise on television....

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