Facebook is a powerful tool in your marketing engine.

9 Tips to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

You’ve made the move to Facebook for your business. Smart move, by the way, as Facebook is home to nearly 2 billion monthly active users. Now you’re getting ready to create a post. It should be easy enough. Slap together a photo and caption, then wait for the leads and customers to roll in, right? Wrong. You should have a comprehensive strategy to get noticed, liked, and create a buzz. We’ve compiled the tips below...

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young woman listening to a podcast on her tablet

Prepare for Podcasts: Increases Expected for Mobile Advertising Media

Digital radio advertising (like Spotify and Pandora Radio) is poised to triple in the next year, but it’s not the only digital audio format to increase in popularity. Podcasts are also expected to increase in adoption and consumption. In preparation for the increase in podcast inventory, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released a “podcast playbook” to show advertisers the possibilities podcast advertising can offer....

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Quanifi Digital will work hard to provide the best services to our clients

Keeping Afloat During Silly Season

"Silly Season" is approaching at Quantifi Digital, and keeping up with the incoming work is an important part of how we provide the best service to our clients. Below are some simple tips that might help you keep your head above water during your "silly season"...

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social media advertising

Navigating the Social Realm

Social media advertising is becoming a must in your digital advertising efforts. The social media world is constantly changing making it hard to determine what platform, or mix of platforms, best suits your business objectives. The following statistics highlight today’s top four social media platforms to help you navigate the social realm and lead you to greater marketing success....

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Ad technology platforms aren't magic. They're sophisticated networks.

Beware the Magic Agency

As digital strategists, we like to think we’re magicians pulling quality impressions out of the proverbial hat. While that sounds cool, it is simply not the case. Ad technology platforms are extremely sophisticated networks of technology that are stocked with mind-blowing amounts of information. The network is impressive, but it is not magic. Anyone in ad tech claiming to be a magician creating quality impressions by flipping the magic switch isn’t telling the whole truth....

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Use Stock Images and Resource Websites for more efficient design

Designing with Efficiency in 3 Steps

Designers are many things: They are creative; They are intuitive; They are organized; But sometimes they are inefficient. However as a designer, there are plenty of resources available and many, many ways to step up your work flow. Here are three excellent practices to achieve more efficient design....

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Online Video Advertising - Video Content is becoming the most important tool in the modern advertising arsenal.

Online Video Advertising – Make Online Video Work For You

In 2020, video content is projected to represent 75 percent of all mobile traffic, making video the crown prince of the current internet landscape. Internet users have seen entire applications and services launched with video in mind, like Facebook Live, Periscope, Snapchat, and more. With more video content comes more video ads – but is every advertiser ready? Online video content is inescapable and expected to increase in popularity. Advertisers should focus on the opportunities online...

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Go with the Motion – Why Animation Matters

In 2017, the average internet user’s attention span is decreasing, but the competition to catch their attention online is increasing. Video is the king of animated content, but it isn’t the only piece on the marketing chess board. Animated display ads are an effective player and should be the queen of your chess board. For the past few years, gifs have consistently been the internet’s favorite play thing. Now people can use them for everything...

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Connected Television

Connected Television Advertising: A New Collective Education

It’s a fact the new wave of TV watching cuts the traditional cable cord. Target audiences are watching, streaming, and tuning in to TV on their terms. With the emergence of Netflix, Hulu, and DVR, the landscape of television has changed forever – so shouldn’t commercials change too? The answer is a resounding yes, but it’s spelled “C-T-V,” not “Y-E-S.” Connected TV (CTV) is the new way to advertise on television....

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